How to Find Your Ideal Customer on Instagram

First some ground rules and ways to get in the right headspace with Instagram. Instagram is a social media app. By simply opening it up you are then able to see behind the scenes and get transported into so many other worlds.

In this episode you will…

  • Learn about the steps to level up your Instagram game
  • How to avoid being sidetracked when using social media
  • Know when and how long you should spend in Instagram
  • Find out the importance of CTA (Call-to-Action)
  • Discover the benefits of engagement and how to do it
  • and more!




  • “When you see others experience success or success that you wish you had in your business, instead of getting jealous or upset, remind yourself that it is a demonstration of what is possible and if it is possible for HER, then it is possible for you.”
  • “Focus on showing up, focus on the engagement and letting the rest take care of itself. You will attract the right people you will lose the people that are not aligned with your business.”
  • “You will attract what you put out. The content you create will attract whoever aligns with the content.”


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