How Engineering Changes the World in Amazing Ways

Engineering is one of those fields that is somewhat mysterious to those of us who don’t work in it. Most people know that it’s an important industry and hold engineers in high regard but are unaware of exactly how much of an impact engineering makes on our society. The truth is that there are many different branches of engineering, all of which improve the world in distinct but vital ways. We rely on engineering in just about every aspect of our lives, from medicine and energy to manufacturing, travel, and communications. Here are just four ways in which engineering changes the world.

It helps us to fight climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing humanity today, and engineering is at the forefront of combating it. Whether it is through the development of renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind power, improving the energy efficiency of buildings, or harnessing the power of geoengineering to intervene in the climate system itself, engineering is constantly coming up with new innovations to help save the planet. It also works towards mitigating the negative effects of climate change, for example, by improving flood defenses.

It helps us to save lives

Engineering works hand in hand with medicine to save human lives on a daily basis. Biomedical engineering combines biology and engineering to create innovations in the field of healthcare. For instance, this has led to the development of advanced prosthetic limbs and artificial organs, surgical robots that allow human surgeons to operate with more precision, a nanotechnology that can detect and treat cancer more effectively, and technologies that enable paralyzed patients to communicate. If you’ve ever had to go to the hospital, the chances are that you were treated using some form of innovative engineering.

It helps us to live more comfortably

The impact of engineering is extremely wide-reaching and touches pretty much every aspect of our lives. Thus, it enables us to live the sort of comfortable lives most of us in developed countries enjoy. From entertainment such as gaming and virtual reality to online shopping and beauty products, you undoubtedly use multiple items every day that we have engineering to thank for. Then, of course, there are the innovations in manufacturing, such as conveyor solutions, which enable a wealth of goods to be made and distributed to consumers all across the world.

It helps us to stay connected

One of the clearest ways that engineering has changed the world is by connecting people together more closely. Whether it’s through the development of transportation systems that allow us to reach all corners of the globe or communications networks that enable us to contact people on the other side of the world instantly via calls, messages, and emails, engineering breaks down borders, barriers, and distance. This is valuable both in the sphere of work and in our personal lives – plus, with the current COVID-19 pandemic keeping us all at home right now, perhaps we can appreciate some of these engineering marvels more than ever.

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