Hosting Your First In Person Event – All Your Questions Answered

I receive so many great questions from you all on how to host an in-person event from how do I create the budget, what do I need for logistics, how to find the right partners and sponsors for my event, how do I price my tickets, to how do I make sure the event runs smoothly and so on… So today let’s talk about all that!

There are many reasons and benefits to host in-person events or workshops:

● It creates a connection that you cannot get online.

● You can go deeper with your content.

● It is immersive. There is no substitute for experience.

● Strengthen community.


In this episode you willl…

Learn the benefits of holding an in-person event

Get to know the things you need before creating an event

Discover how to plan your first event

Find out some of my personal tips when creating an in-person event

Know how to properly price your event

and so much more!

We will have She Did It Her Way summit this year! If you want to get on the list to be notified when tickets go live, head to



“There is no substitute for an experience.”

“Knowing who you want there, will help you decide your content or vice-versa.”



She Did It Her Way Summit

5 Steps to Hosting a Wildly Successful (and Profitable) Live Event or Workshop

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