German American Bancorp (NASDAQ: GABC) Expected To Post $51.37 Million In Quarterly Sales

German American Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: GABC) will release a statement of their earnings on October 26. Their sales have ranged between $49.90 and $53 million presenting an annual rate of growth at 1.5%.

The sales calculations are conducted with the aid of sell-side research organizations’ analysis of NASDAQ: GABC. Stock market experts are, however, expecting an entire year’s sales report amounting to $205.23 million. NASDAQ: GABC will hopefully achieve $195.10 million pos- sales, stretching from $190.60 to $199 million in the upcoming economic year.

According to the previous report presented on July 27, NASDAQ:  GABC had soared above stock market estimation and earned $0.54 for every share. The total margin was 24.05% with a return amounting to 9.92% on equity. Though the stock market predicted $48.85 million in revenue, NASDAQ: GABC minted $5.088 million in this quarter.

NASDAQ: GABC “sell” rating from “hold” rating shares were found to be reduced in a Zacks Investment Research report on October 6. Piper Sandler settled on a rating that was “neutral” between $32 and $29 for NASDAQ: GABC on September 29. After several research notes by stock market analysts, German American Bancorp presently ensures a mediocre “hold” rating along with a $30.33 price objective.

NASDAQ: GABC Shareholders

NASDAQ: GABC insiders own about 7.81% of the total stock including 1,230 shares amounting to $33,223 in the preceding quarter. U Butch Kelm, Director of the German American Bancorp acquired 1,000 shares with a per-share amounting to $26.49 on September 22.

NASDAQ: GABC shares in possession of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. witnessed a spike of 10.1% during the second quarter. After purchasing 68,230 shares in the previous quarter, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has a total investment of $23,122,000 comprising 743,461 shares of NASDAQ: GABC in the stock market.

First Trust Advisors LP holds 69,405 shares worth $2,158,000 after they acquired 48,410 shares previously.

375,848 shares are owned by Geode Capital Management LLC amounting to $10,317,000 after the last financial quarter purchase of 26,179 shares.

Vanguard Group Inc. recently added 19,085 shares to make a total of 1,246,782 shares amounting to $38,775,000 within the recent quarter.

Lastly, Boston Trust Walden Corp boasts of a total of 209,807 shares after they recently purchased 16,650 shares amounting to $6,525,000.

Overview of NASDAQ: GABC

This Friday, NASDAQ: GABC began stock market enterprise at $31.60 with their all-time high at $36.17 and lowest of $23.54. They showed a rate of $28.62 on 50 days along with a rate of $28.94 on 200 days. Their debt-to-equity rate is 0.37. NASDAQ: GABC stock market value stands at $837.34 million.

German American Bancorp provides banking services to the public via the German American Bank. Their three categories include Core Facilities for Banking, Insurance Services, and, Trust and Investment Advisory Operations.

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