From Teaching Students to Teaching Entrepreneurs How to Build Their Own 6 Figure Online Business with Jess Glazer

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Since leaving her teaching job in 2017, Jess has hired a team of incredible heart-centered leaders, served hundreds of clients, helped create over 3 million dollars in revenue for those clients (in under 2 years), and as a result of donation and awareness she, and her husband are building a school in Ghana with Pencils of Promise.

Her mission is to cause a ripple effect and inspire change for generations to come; making a massive impact and leaving a lasting legacy beyond her singular actions.


In this episode, you will…

Find out why Jess left teaching

Hear how she turned her side hustle into a million-dollar business

Learn that quitting also means you are figuring things out

Discover how to incorporate your passion into your business

Why it’s okay being not okay

Be brave enough to quit if what you do no longer makes you happy

Get an insight about bridge job

Uncover the importance of having a coach



“You cannot put a price tag on having someone on your team on your side to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of who is a couple of steps ahead of you. Because what I see my clients do now in six months or a year took me three years.”

“First of all in order to succeed you must start. Just start. There is no such thing as perfect, you’re always going to want to make it better, change it, or do it again. If you wait for it to be perfect, you’re going to miss your chance.”

“Just do something like 80% done is better than 100% you waiting around for it to be perfect. Just take messy action, just do it.”


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12-Minute Affiliate

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