Finding your inner circle as a female entrepreneur

If this year has taught me anything, it’s that female entrepreneurs need an inner circle. I survived 2020 by leaning on others and I know our business is stronger for the support we gave back to women in our community.

As Co-Founder and CEO of Verve Super, an ethical super fund tailored for women, I was forced to re-calibrate our 2020 dreams just a few months into the year. When COVID-19 took hold, my team rapidly shifted focus from growing the business and welcoming new members, to processing super withdrawals and doing everything we could to support our members facing financial hardship. But my experience was nowhere near as dramatic as what some of

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the women in my community were facing.

My friend, Sheree Rubeinstein is Co-Founder of women’s co-work space One Roof. Recently, Sheree wrote about suddenly finding herself without a business model when Melbournians were forced to work from home.

Many of the women in my community will continue to face difficulty into 2021 — women like Karina Grey, a friend who founded Starwin to provide employment and mentorship to young Indigenous women. Karina had just launched a new community-enterprise retail outlet in Port Douglas when COVID-19 hit and revenue from tourists dried up.

The female entrepreneurs I know are resilient, both Sheree and Karina are successfully pivoting their businesses and communities online. Yet, we know that businesses run by women have been hit particularly hard. And with Government support for business owners winding back, and little specialized support for women in the 2020 federal budget, the power of a strong support network for women has never been more important.

Research from the corporate world has taught us women are more likely to succeed in their careers if they create a supportive community of other women around them.

As it turns out, the value of a strong inner circle for women in business extends well beyond the networking benefits. A landmark UCLA study found women in the company of friends or like-minded women release oxytocin, which actually helps counteract the day-to-day work stress most of us experience.

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Finding your inner circle as a female entrepreneur

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