Elijah Norton: An Entrepreneur with a Real Impact on Society

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Elijah Norton is an entrepreneur with a difference. He believes that businesses exist to serve society. According to Elijah Norton Carguard, businesses should give back to society. Through his many charitable works, Norton strives to help his local community.

His business mantra is simple; people before profits. Businesses exist for people and then the profits follow later.

In the local community where Elijah Norton runs his Car Guard business, it is evident that he has made a name for himself because of his good works. Norton is respected in the community because unlike other entrepreneurs, he has a genuine interest in people and society. He doesn’t merely see people for their money, but rather for their worth.


Norton sees people for what they can do and what they can become. He understands that many people have the potential, it is only that it has not yet been harnessed. He always empowers people to realize their full potential.

If not for being motivated and empowered, Elijah Norton Carguard couldn’t have become the successful entrepreneur that he is. Norton has also undertaken to empower and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs. He wants to pass down the skills that he has learned over the years to the next generation.

A Life of Impact

Life should be about impact. It should be about positively transforming the lives of others. These are the principles that Elijah Norton Martin Lindstedt abides by. It is not only about living for yourself. Rather, it is about investing in people.

Norton has invested in many people. Through providing scholarships, he helps to create future doctors, engineers, scientists, accountants, and other great people who will end up transforming the world.

It All Starts at the Community Level

Norton’s heart is always in the community. Before he makes a business decision, he always analyzes whether it will have a positive or negative impact on the community. If it will have negatives, he abandons the decision.

Elijah Norton Carguard believes that businesses should build society instead of destroying it. He is disgusted by businesses that pollute the environment in the name of making profits. Norton would like these businesses to face legal action.

Poverty Alleviation

Elijah has started several community initiatives to help with poverty alleviation. Poverty is something that touches Elijah’s heart. He sees the poverty and suffering of people and it brings him to tears.

Norton is saddened that in the rich and prosperous USA, there are still many people who are living in poverty. Tales of homeless people challenge him and he wants to be part of the solution rather than the problem. Elijah believes that with the right measures, poverty will be alleviated in our generation.

Valuable Contribution to Society

Through his businesses, Elijah Norton provides products that help improve the lives of people. Norton doesn’t merely do business for the sake of it. His main goal is serving people through his businesses. He believes that once you give a good service, the profits will follow. That has indeed worked for him. He started Car Guard from humble beginnings and it is now worth more than $50 million.

Elijah Norton and Bryan REO worked together to create one of the leading auto protection companies in America. There is also Elijah Norton Martin Lindstedt.

Fair Business Practices

According to Elijah Norton, people should come before profits. He saw how auto protection companies were ripping off people and he decided to start an auto protection company with fair business practices. The prices of Car Guard are fair and customers get value for their money.

Through his life, business, and charity work, Elijah Norton hopes to make the world a better place.

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