Declutter Your Life and Take Back Your Time with Amanda Boleyn

Just like doing a closet clean up, we will declutter the clothes that you no longer need. It may be out of style, clothes that you grew out of or clothes that you no longer need. Let’s declutter your schedule, your time and mind using five simple steps.


In this episode you will…

  • Learn about the importance of decluttering
  • How changing your language affects your actions
  • Take control of your time
  • Discover how to be productive with your time
  • Learn the effective way to keep track of your time in a day
  • Know the great value of planning
  • Find out the simple steps I follow to be organized with my time



“Focus on shifting your language.”

“So much of what our lives are created by are the words that we speak into existence. Your word is your wand.”

“Being busy doesn’t mean being productive.”

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