Creating Your Content Delivery Sequence

The first email that should go out to your list is one thanking them for subscribing and providing them with a direct download link to the product you are offering on your squeeze page.

This is called the “Welcome Email”, or “Introductory Email” and it’s often the very first time you are in direct contact with your subscribers, so it’s important that you use this time to begin establishing a relationship, and building rapport.

Your welcome email should work to deliver 2 main things:

1: Your incentive offer, via a direct link;

2: Additional information about you, such as by giving subscribers a direct link to your support desk or a way to reach you via email, Skype, etc.

Keep your welcome email short and to the point. You simply want to thank your subscriber for joining your list and begin building a relationship with your reader, so try not to overwhelm them with too much information. After all, they are just getting to know you, and you want to leave a positive impression in the minds of every subscriber.

You will want to make sure you set up the welcome email, within your autoresponder account so that it is broadcast instantly after subscribers confirm their request to join your list.

Your introductory/welcome email shouldn’t promote anything but rather simply thank your subscriber, and welcome them to your newsletter. If you are offering an incentive offer, now is the time to deliver it.

Here is an example of a welcome email:


Thank you for becoming a member of my newsletter, I really appreciate it! You can go ahead and download your free copy of “YOUR PRODUCT NAME” at the link below:

(Your Example Product Link Insert Here)
I will be contacting you in the future with important updates, and special offers that I believe you’ll enjoy. Keep in mind that I will never share your personal information with anyone.
If you ever need to reach me, you can contact me at: XX

Your Name

Traditionally, your welcome email is the first content delivery in your sequence that gets sent out to anyone who subscribes to your list, however it should NOT be the only email you set up when creating your autoresponder campaign.

In order to ensure that you stay in active communication with your subscribers, you will want to contact them regularly, so that your list doesn’t run cold, and your subscribers continue to look forward to your broadcasts.

This is called “list conditioning”, and it works towards building a consistent cycle with your list so that they begin to look for your emails and expect them on certain days.

To do this, you should create a delivery schedule that sends out new content on pre-determined dates. That way, you never have to worry about your lists running cold.

I recommend writing 10 emails to start, with the welcome email sent out immediately and the second follow up 1-2 days later, with each additional email being sent out every 2-3 days.


Monday: Free report on list building

Tuesday:  Free Article
Wednesday:  Promotional email on list building

Thursday:  Free article on how to increase open rates.
Friday:  No email

Saturday:  Free Private Label squeeze page template with short email promoting affiliate product.
Sunday: No email

Begin by logging into your autoresponder account, to set up the initial email that goes out immediately after someone subscribers to your list.

Remember, this is the welcome email, thanking them for joining your newsletter or mailing list and providing the download instructions based on the free offer you advertised on your squeeze page. Make sure to test out your download links!Apart from the introductory email, you should also have at least one cycles’ worth of content integrated into your autoresponder sequence, so that your subscribers continue to receive emails every few days.


Depending on the frequency in which you send out emails to your list, if you ran a campaign offering one email each week, you should have at least four emails (one month) of content readily available.

There’s no guaranteed formula as to when you should email your list or how frequently, so it’s very important to test out a series of different intervals to determine what will work best based on your overall response rates.

It’s important to always know your metrics! You want to test out every element of your mailing list, from subject lines, to times of the day, to the day of the week.  Once you’ve found the “sweet spot”, you

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