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12 Creative Ways to Make $100 a Day

$100 a day can certainly go a long way. You can buy groceries for the week, sink some cash into investments, or even buy that nice pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on. Without a doubt, learning how to make $100 a day can have a serious impact on your life. With an extra $100 a day, you could pay off credit card bills and outstanding debt. You could start an emergency fund which is also a must-have financial...


Construction Business Owners Beware: Heavy Equipment Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid

Photo by Anamul Rezwan from Pexels Making a new small business successful requires hard work, planning and the right employees. If you own a construction business, you also need the right heavy equipment to make this venture successful. Most construction companies rely on heavy machinery like bulldozers and front-end loaders to get the job done. Since these machines are an essential part of your business, you have to work hard to keep them functioning at optimal levels. Without the proper...


Essential Marketing Technologies That Every Business Should Use

Photo by Charles Wundengba from Pexels More and more businesses emerge and grow on the market. Did you know that there are 30.2 million small businesses in the US? These are staggering numbers. For all these businesses to come to light and position themselves on the market, a strong marketing strategy is simply imperative. And, with the digital trends changing rapidly, it is essential that you power up your marketing strategy with the right technologies. In this post, we will...


HaulerHub: Digitizing the Supply Chain Industry

HaulerHub has revolutionized supply chain digitization by integrating the planning process and creating production solutions that create a cheaper and more efficient movement of goods. The company utilizes technology to make the supply chain more visible across each touchpoint and allows the middleman to be cut out. This makes the supply chain more responsive and flexible and allows for a transparent supply network that can be adapted to any industry. Let’s look at how HaulerHub has digitized the supply chain...


Say Hello to Your Eco-Friendly Home: Nature-Friendly Tips for Sustainable Home Cleaning

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels Sustainability is one of the hottest topics these days. As we have already reached a point where we have almost exhausted the natural resources and insinuated climate change, it has become essential for every one of us to think green. Fortunately, slowly and steadily, people are embracing sustainability. People are now using sustainable products like never before, growing their food, using public transport rather than their private vehicle, and saying no to plastic. But...


Side Jobs

Work from Home Side Jobs Are you looking for side jobs? If so, you’ve just hit a gold mine because I’m going to show you the very best side jobs from home to earn extra money. Everything on this list can be done while working a full-time job. I’m all about saving money and paying off debt. One of the best ways to do that is to get a side job that pays well. In today’s article, I’m going to...


Picking Perfect Amazon Categories and Keywords for Massive Sales

Crack the Amazon best-seller code by balancing popularity and competition with your categories and keywords Part of self-publishing a book on Amazon is putting together a page, picking categories for your book and helping the ecommerce giant understand your book by selecting keywords that relate to the content. These decisions all seem like they should be obvious and easy. Simply selecting the most appropriate category and describing your book a little. If it seems easy, then you’re probably not doing...


Infographic Resumes: 6 Hiring Managers Weigh In

The modern job search is incredibly competitive, and technology has made it easier for your resume and job application to be overlooked and discarded before you even make it to the interview. Luckily, technology is also here to help. There’s no longer a template for how to apply for a job — you can use social media, websites, and even interactive campaigns to get your name noticed by a recruiter. One resume format you may not have considered? Infographics. A...

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