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How to Show Latest Videos From YouTube Channel in WordPress

Do you want to show the latest videos from a YouTube channel on your WordPress website? YouTube is the most popular video platform in the world. By adding videos from your YouTube channel to your website, you can get more views and increase engagement. In this article, we’ll show you how to show the latest videos from your YouTube Channel in WordPress step by step. Why Show Your YouTube Channel Videos in WordPress? By adding your YouTube channel to WordPress,...


How I Earned $45K Self-Publishing 10 Ebooks: Top Takeaways

It feels like yesterday that I was self-publishing my very first ebook, Make a Living Writing: The 21st Century Guide. I made quite a few mistakes putting that out, and it’s no longer available (cough). But I lived and learned, and created better ebooks. As I prepped to release my latest, Small Blog, Big Income: Advanced Ninja Tricks for Profitable Blogging, I realized I now have TEN ebooks available for sale, counting my free ebook for subscribers. I’ve learned a...


How to Build and Scale a High-Performance Marketing Team, According to Leaders Who’ve Done It

In 2020, I started using Headspace. And, as it turns out, so did everyone else. The meditation app, which was first launched back in 2012, initially generated roughly $30 million in revenue and, as of 2017, had 40,000 subscribers. Today, the app has over 2 million users, and is valued at $320 million dollars. How’s that for growth? But, when any company scales that quickly, it begs the question: Will the business survive, and even thrive under its newfound success? Or will...


Big List of Full Time Work From Home Jobs To Apply For Now

When you’re researching work at home jobs, it may sometimes seem like there are no full time work from home jobs available. Maybe you’re only finding part-time remote work, independent contractor opportunities, or little “side gigs” that only amount to some extra gas money each week. And while I do frequently share info on these sorts of opportunities, I understand not all of you want that. Some of you need more hours! So, with you full-time job seekers in mind,...


14 Qualities a Manager Looks for When Hiring a Copywriter

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work forever. Remote work is now more widely accepted by organizations, flexible work schedules are becoming more common, and millions of employees are resigning from their jobs in search of something better. For a lot of people, that “something better” has meant saying goodbye to their life as a full-time 9-5 employee and hello to life as a full-time freelancer. It makes sense—it’s a good time to be a freelancer. Companies seem...


14 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money From Home

Is the concept of doing a job once and getting paid over and over again appealing? Would you like to earn passive income while you sleep? Yes, we’d all like to make money without having to do much work, but the reality is creating a passive income stream can take a lot of time, work, and often money. And let’s face it, there is an element of risk — nothing is guaranteed. If you’d like to build your wealth with...


How to Create Landing Pages for Real Estate [+Examples]

When people are looking to buy or rent a new house, what’s the first thing they do? That’s right, they go online. In fact, 51% of home searches start on the internet. People search Zillow,, Redfin, and local real estate websites. Additionally, people also turn to the internet when they want to value their home or learn more about the real estate market. All this to say that when it’s time to generate leads in the real estate industry,...


6 Best Reseller Hosting Plans of 2021 (Best Value + Quality)

Are you looking for the best reseller hosting? Reseller hosting lets you sell hosting services just like a web hosting company. Web designers, developers, and agencies can offer reseller hosting as an addon service for clients and customers. In this article, we’ll share our favorite reseller hosting so that you can choose the right hosting company for your business. What is Reseller Hosting and Who is it For? With reseller hosting, you purchase web hosting services and then sell the...


The 4Es of Video: How to Align Your Marketing Content Strategy With Buyer Expectations

Listen NEW! Listen to article Although every business has its unique set of marketing challenges, all those challenges seem to stem from one root cause: the changing behaviors and expectations of today’s buyers. Customers want a sense of connection with brands, and most of that now happens digitally. They want to learn and engage on their own time, and they expect friction-free experiences when researching new topics or learning about vendors. They rarely want to block off time to speak...

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