Candid Conversations About Race & Business with Amber Williams + Amanda Boleyn

Today’s episode is a little bit different than our usual episodes because today I am sitting down with Amber Williams, not really an interview type but a candid conversation about race and business which is so relevant to the recent events that are currently taking place. We wanted to have this candid conversation with a sole intention to hopefully inspire and educate, to take action and make a change in your circle of influence.

We are taking this initiative, though we both have been friends for a while now we still feel a bit uncomfortable to discuss these topics. So today we will talk about race and business and so much more!

This is going out to both our podcasts and so make sure to tune in!


In this episode you will…

  • Learn about discussing topics that are uncomfortable but is necessary
  • How can women business leaders use our platform to take a stand against social injustice
  • Why it’s necessary to stand up especially as a business leader
  • What is the best way to talk about anti-racism without sounding racist or ignorant
  • What does doing the work really looks like



  • “Silence is not an option, silence is betrayal.”
  • “It takes a lot more than words to make a difference it takes action.”
  • “There’s a difference between hearing and listening, listening and knowing, knowing, and understanding.”



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