Can You Create an Amazon Account Without a Phone Number?

Nowadays, everybody is seeking to create Amazon accounts and start their business on Amazon. That’s because Amazon has been leading the pack in e-commerce for many years, and is considered to be one of the easiest platforms for making money online. You do not have to invest much money in this business; all you need to do is open up an Amazon account, find the right niche for selling, and voila, you are the owner of a business on Amazon. How do you create one? Well, there should be a “Click Here” button somewhere on Amazon, and we’re sure you’ll find it!

There are many people who are wondering whether it is possible to open up an Amazon account without a phone number. Unfortunately, it is not possible, and here is why. In order to avoid lots of tricky situations, Amazon provides the sellers with an option called “OTP verification”. This means once you decide to access your Amazon account, you have to include your cell phone number, and Amazon will send you a unique code for gaining access to your store. Therefore, it is not possible to open an Amazon seller account without a phone number, purely due to security reasons.

At this time, everybody knows that Amazon puts their customers’ safety and satisfaction at top priority. Therefore, in order to prevent unpleasant situations with hackers who can dramatically damage businesses, Amazon implements security steps to minimize fraudulent situations within the seller’s operation.

Coming across hijackers within your business is not a scenario you want to run into on Amazon. They may not only damage the whole system of your operation, but also steal all the money from your bank account!

How to Open Up an Amazon Account

The process of creating an Amazon Seller account is pretty simple. There are a few steps that you have to follow. First you have to go to and click on “Sign up”, which directs you to Seller Central. Then, register your seller account. Your next step should be to choose whether you want to sell as a professional or individual seller. Keep in mind that you should have at hand documents such as a driver’s license and your banking information. And do not forget — you need to have an email address and a telephone number which are not connected to any Amazon account. If they are, you risk losing your selling privileges by getting a verification suspension from Amazon.

It does not matter whether you are an experienced seller or just a beginner. None of us are immune to Amazon’s suspensions — they can happen at any moment. Got Suspended Clients is ready to assist during operations, whether it’s getting your account back from Amazon or simply helping you become a better Amazon seller.

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