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She Runs Wondery, a Podcast Company Known for Creative Risks. But It’s Owned by Amazon, a Data-Driven Corporation. How Does She Make It Work?

Jen Sargent was an entrepreneur before she became CEO of Wondery, and she knows that in any situation, to get the outcome you're looking for: "You'd better have a strong answer." Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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10 Web Design Trends for 2022 [Infographic]

Designers should be considering the impact of both light and dark—specifically white space and Dark Mode—when developing experiences for the Web next year. That's among the key design predictions for 2022 explored in an infographic (below) from Red Website Design. The piece covers 10 trends to watch, including technical considerations ...
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These 8 Women Lead Sustainability at Companies Like Amazon, Daily Harvest, and Johnson & Johnson. Here’s How They’re Helping the Planet.

From zero carbon initiatives and recycling designer handbags to using recycled fabrics, here's how industry leaders are tackling our time's greatest challenge. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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How 8 Women Investors Are Fixing the Shocking Lack of Funding For Women-Led Startups

They're writing checks, and making room for more women to do the same. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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2022 Salary Guide: Pay Forecasts for Marketing, Content, and PR Positions

The median starting salary for a corporate chief marketing officer in the United States is expected to be $170,000 in 2022, according to recent research from Robert Half. The report was based on data from staffing and recruiting professionals who make thousands of full-time, temporary, and project placements at brands ...
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Four Tips for Implementing Agile Strategies in Your Marketing to Increase Efficiency and Results

Listen NEW! Listen to article Agile marketing has gained serious traction during the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling marketers to adapt more quickly to extraordinary market changes. Though many people often look at Agile through a "for IT only" lens, the reality is that the practice is versatile and can be ...
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100 Women of Impact In 2021

Our annual celebration of the women leading today's most influential, innovative companies, and changing lives while they're at it. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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These Women Leaders Are Changing Lives and Influencing Tomorrow’s Industries—Right Now

From sports stars and media moguls to activist founders and tech innovators, meet the women from our October/November issue who are making a difference in 2021. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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Insurance Directories- Top 20 Insurance Agent Directory Listing Sites 2021

Purpose of this Directory Listing/Who should use it? Well, this article will provide you information about the most important directory sites related to Insurance businesses ( for example, Life Insurance, Motor insurance, Health insurance, Travel insurance, Property insurance, etc). You can find a data base of Insurance agents, mailing lists, ...
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The Best and Worst Things About Working From Home

Here on this site, we’re all about work from home, of course. But we’re also willing to acknowledge that, like all things in life, it can be a mixed bag. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of the work from home ...
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How to Make Money Designing & Selling T-Shirts With Teespring

Published October 2, 2021 By Leisa Good This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend sites I've researched and/or used and trust.Do friends and family tell you that you are a creative person? Do you enjoy designing things, especially clothes? Do you have causes that you are passionate about? Then you ...
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10 Common Habits of Highly Productive Remote Workers

Are you a remote worker who is always feeling drained, pressured and under a lot of stress? Are you wondering how the people around you seem to have all the energy in the world and are not only getting their job done, but getting it completed so quickly and easily ...
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How to Become a Digital Nomad and Work While You Travel The World!

Becoming a digital nomad and working from wherever you are in the world is a dream shared by so many. Although travelling while you work may have seemed impossible 10 years ago, it’s beginning to feel like the new norm. With our world consistently turning more and more digital and ...
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Cabi Review: What is a cabi Stylist?

Sponsored by cabi Are you familiar with the direct sales brand cabi? I wasn’t either until they emailed me back in 2010 and invited me to come and learn more about them and the cabi Stylist opportunity.  And let me tell you, I was blown away — from the clothing ...
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15 Companies That Can Help You Make Money By Designing T-Shirts

Have you thought about making money from your design ideas or catchy slogans that you put on T-shirts, and then sell online? Selling and designing T-shirts for a profit sounds easy enough, but you have questions! Does it cost a lot of money to get started?How much money do T-shirt ...
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$ 32 an Hour is How Much a Year: Jobs that Pay $32 an Hour, Sample Budget and More

This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here Are you wondering 32 an hour is how much a year? Well, this question begs an answer and I’m here to break it down for you. As we all know, staying on top of our finances is important in reaching ...
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How To Make Money on Steam: 8 Real Ways That Work in 2021

This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here Here is everything you need to know on how to make money on Steam and monetize your gaming hobby! Did you ever think you could make money by playing video games? You probably didn’t, right? Well, think again. Gaming is ...
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Demystifying Money: Financial Literacy The Easy Way

Do you get a sinking feeling when the topic of money comes up? You aren’t alone. According to a survey conducted last year by Savvy, a third of people (35%) confessed they only have a “primary school” level of financial and economic literacy. The HILDA report, a record of how ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Freelance Marketing Career Started

You know you have an amazing knack for all things related to marketing. You’re able to make a near-instant emotional connection with your readers. You know how to use analytical tools to measure website traffic and social media engagement. You always make it a point to take the time to ...
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Part Time Jobs for Students – Make Money Doing Online Jobs

Those blank spots on your well-drawn up daily timetable could now be turned into solid cash. Part time jobs for students offer them some extra money for that extra time they have got to spare. This write-up lists out some exciting ways in which students could make money doing online ...
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Managing Director Integrated Human Resourcing, Renee Henville

Renee Henville is the Managing Director of Integrated Human Resourcing, providing specialist HR and Industrial Relations support and outsourced HR advice to small and medium businesses across the Tweed Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane for over 10 years. We asked Renee to share some of her top advice for SMEs ...
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