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Why Some New Products Get Adopted Quickly: A Lesson From Infomercials

Sometimes a company comes up with a product so innovative, it defines a new category. Augmented reality glasses are a current example. A while back, it was e-books. If you're responsible for marketing the new product, you might start by watching late-night TV. Pay particular attention to the informercials: They ...
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The Reputations of the 100 Most Visible Corporations

Americans say Patagonia, Honda, and Moderna have the best reputations among high-profile companies, according to recent research from The Harris Poll and Axios. The annual report was based on data from a survey conducted in April 2021 among 42,935 consumers in the United States. A first set of respondents was ...
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How to Create a Referral Program in WordPress

Do you want to create a referral program in WordPress? Referral programs or affiliate programs are a great way to get more people to promote your products to a larger audience. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily create a referral program in WordPress and get more customers ...
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Work From Home ESL Teaching With Magic Ears – Teacher Interview!

This post was sponsored by Magic Ears.  We post quite a bit of content here on the topic of ESL tutoring. It's one of the most popular work from home niches around, and there are always plenty of jobs available. Today, we had the opportunity to get some direct, first-hand ...
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What Netflix Bingeing Taught Me About Digital Experience

Next time you open Netflix, I want you to try something. When you see your tailored suggestions, as the platform starts the video right where you left off on your iPad, stop and take note of that experience. How do these experiences actually make you feel? Does the device handoff give ...
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Blogging Jobs: 22 Sites Where You Can Get Paid to Blog

Looking for paid blogging jobs that have great rates? This post is for you. Blogging continues to be one of the most popular forms of content marketing used by businesses, and for freelancers, it’s a great way to make money writing. In fact, 86 percent of companies report that they ...
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Report: Writers on Textbroker, Upwork Earning Signficantly Less Than Those Working Outside Content Mills

Let’s face it — 2020 was a disaster for most people. In addition to the tremendous health impact the pandemic had on our country, there was also a significant economic toll. Tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs due to the pandemic, leaving so many people struggling to find ...
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How to Become a Copywriter: Getting Started & Finding Freelance Copywriting Jobs

Wondering how to become a freelance copywriter? This beginner’s guide will show you step-by-step how to become a copywriter and start earning real money in this lucrative writing niche!  What Is Copywriting? Before we get started on the nitty-gritty details, it’s worth taking a birds-eye view of the topic: What ...
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Elevator Pitch for Writers: 4 Simple Steps to Make Connections

Ever heard of the elevator pitch for writers? It’s easy to think mad writing skills is all you really need to be a successful freelancer. That’s what I thought after a long run as a newspaper reporter and editor. Yes, you need the chops to write great content for your ...
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Here’s How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story [Pro Tip]

More than 500 million accounts use Instagram's Stories feature, and one-third of Instagram's most-viewed Stories are created by brands (Instagram). It's clear that this feature has resonated with Instagram's base, and businesses can leverage it to drive awareness and engagement with their audiences. But with all of that comes the ...
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13 of the Most (& Least) Successful Brand Extensions to Inspire Your Own

I was in awe of Hailee Steinfeld’s performance after watching her in The Edge of Seventeen. Her performance was so good that it earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. But what amazes me about Steinfeld isn’t her acting prowess. It’s that she’s also just as accomplished as ...
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Online Writing Portfolio: 5 Ways to Design Yours to Dazzle Clients

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means at no extra cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. What would you do if a prospect asked to see your writing portfolio right now? In the perfect world, you’d ...
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10 Writer Websites That Kick Butt and Get Clients

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means at no extra cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Have you been wondering how to create a standout freelance writer website that would impress clients and get you hired? ...
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WHY you aren’t reaching your goals and what to do INSTEAD…

My dream career is… I would love to start a business in… What is your plan to make it happen? This is what we are going to discuss on this podcast episode. Why you aren’t reaching your goals and what can you do instead to make it happen! Let’s dive ...
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Starting The Entrepreneurship Journey with Amy Bryant

Today on the podcast, I am talking to Amy Bryant, a member of my coaching membership, CLASS, who has continued to move forward and take baby steps. She’s gone from having her first client to having to budget more business time over her day job to handle a consistent load ...
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Freelance Contract Failures: 5 Things to Include in Every Contract

If you’ve been burned by a client that doesn’t pay, there’s a good chance a freelance contract failure is to blame. It’s a common theme among freelancers I’ve seen in 16-plus years as an attorney who helps freelance writers and small businesses. I’ve seen too many writers land a “dream client,” ...
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6 Ways to Find the Right Editor for Your Book

It’s relatively easy to write an e-book or self-publish these days. And it’s a smart way to build your personal brand, help other people, grow your freelancing business, and ultimately make more money from writing. But once you’ve got your book written, there’s at least one more step in the ...
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Christian Writing Jobs: 18 Magazines & Blogs That Pay Freelancers

Want to get paid to write for Christian markets? It’s definitely possible and can be a great way to make money writing. There are hundreds of different writing niches, but writers often find that their work really shines when they can write about subjects they’re passionate about. For Christian writers, ...
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Lack Writing Motivation? Try This Powerful Switch-Up

It’s the bane of every freelance writer’s life: You know you need to sit yourself down and get some writing done, but nothing happens. The writing motivation just isn’t there. Sometimes, you can’t even make yourself sit down with the computer — even if you desperately need to make money ...
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How to Take Care of Your Business Without Neglecting Yourself

Does something really gotta give? Or with the right productivity tip, will you finally unlock the secret to doing it all? Yes… to both. Yes, you can grow your business and show up for your family. Yes, you can nourish your creativity and your body. Yes, you can have kids ...
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Freelancer Business Plans: How to Create One and Use It to Build Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes freelancers make is failing to recognize they’re running an actual business. And because you’re running a business, you really should have a business plan in place.  A freelancer business plan will help you identify your goals and the best strategies to grow your writing business, ...
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