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How to Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest (Step by Step)

Are you looking for a simple way to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest? Verifying your website on Pinterest will unlock neat features like Pinterest analytics, ads program, stats for your photos, and more. In this article, we will show you how to easily verify your WordPress site on Pinterest ...
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How to Generate Leads: A (Mostly) Complete Guide for Marketers [Infographic]

Lead generation is complicated. Effectively going from start to finish often requires following a lengthy path that includes everything from developing a strategic plan to measuring performance. An infographic (below) from Orbit Media Studios covers each essential element of that journey for digital marketers. The piece lays out each key ...
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How Grammar Mistakes Influence People’s Perceptions of Companies

Most people say their perception of a company changes when they notice that it has made a grammar mistake, according to recent research from Tidio. The report was based on data from a survey of 1,839 people (1,457 from the United States). Some 94% of US respondents and 86% of ...
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Top 14 Ways to Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel (Video + Infographic)

YouTube optimization made easy with several cost-effective SEO tips. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: Top 14 Ways to Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel (Video + Infographic) ...
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If You Are Choosing Between Culture and Strategy, You’re Choosing Wrong.

Holding leadership accountable for the success of their teams requires a hyper-focus on culture, strategy and execution. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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Five Ways Your Content Might Be Sabotaging Your Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is hot in B2B sales because it works. ABM can be a worthwhile strategy to pursue if your organization is interested in reducing costs and increasing leads. Companies have reduced marketing campaign costs by 40% using ABM, according to a Forrester Consulting analysis of ABM software company Terminus ...
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Keep It Real: How to Not Over-Automate Email Sequences

Imagine a time before email-sequencing software. Imagine spying on customer accounts and looking for behavioral triggers to send that perfect email. Imagine typing the whole thing out again and again, sending it out, and... oh no, is that a typo? Oh, well, you've already missed your drip window. Rewrite. Repeat ...
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June 2021 Core Update: Part 1 of Google’s First 2-Part Update

Google announced a June 2021 Core Update that will be the first of a 2-part core update release. Here’s what you need to know. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: June 2021 Core Update: Part 1 of Google’s First 2-Part Update ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Cover Letter

Nowadays, companies have a computerized system that puts resumes through an online scanner which will automatically reject some applicants and push other applicants through depending on their qualifications. So, What does this mean for you as a job seeker? Well, the cover letter attached to your application is more important ...
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YouTube vs. Vimeo: Which Video Platform is Best for Your Business? [Data]

By 2022, online video content is predicted to command more than 82% of all web traffic (15 times higher than it was in 2017). If you haven't started thinking about how video fits into your long-term marketing strategy, now's the time to start taking it seriously. Before you dive into ...
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The 4 Most Important Pages on Your Website (& How to Optimize Them)

When you're knee-deep into the design of your website, it's hard to admit this fact: Some of the pages on your website are more important than others. Okay, many of you probably find that fairly obvious — but I'm surprised how rarely content managers and web designers actually apply this ...
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How Startups Can Attract the Right Type of Investors

It is important for all business, especially startups, to garner support from the right type of investor. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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How to Remove Unused CSS in WordPress (The Right Way)

Do you want to remove unused CSS in WordPress so your site will load faster? Unused CSS is any CSS code added by your WordPress theme or plugins that you don’t really need. Removing this CSS code improves WordPress performance and user experience. In this article, we’ll show you how ...
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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business or Blog [Free Templates]

When I was getting married, one of the main tools that helped me plan was Pinterest. In fact, that's usually the number one place I go to when I'm planning a party. However, Pinterest isn't just used for event planning. You can use the social media platform as a way ...
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How to Use Instagram Insights (in 9 Easy Steps)

Data helps you understand your audience. It tells you how they do things, what they prefer, and who they are. You can certainly make business decisions based on gut feeling, but you're much more likely to hit the mark when you can validate assumptions with cold, hard facts. Data and ...
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19 Sites That Will Pay You to Test Out Websites

As a blogger, it’s important to know that my site is user-friendly. Because if I’m losing visitors due to lousy navigation, lack of clarity, poor design, or crappy content — then I’m losing money. This is why companies pay good money for objective third-party reviews of their websites and mobile ...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Brand Pillars

Although the practices of marketing and branding have been around for centuries, the industries started to shift in the 1990s. The digital age came about and companies began to market their brands more than their products with the goal of giving their company a personality. As a millennial born in ...
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Marketing Growth: How to Optimize Brand and Demand [Infographic]

When looking to drive growth marketers typically focus on demand marketing. However, research covered in a recent report from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions finds that a more balanced investment between brand and demand marketing can be highly effective. An infographic (below) explores five key principles from the report for growing your ...
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11 Jobs for People Who Hate People

You don’t have to hate people to appreciate these jobs you can do alone I’ve got a confession to make…I don’t really like people. I act like I do, smiling when I meet someone new and playing the social butterfly at blogger conferences but in truth I’ve never been much ...
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How to make money with your car advertising

When you need some extra cash, you need to look at the assets you have and how you can utilise them to create money. One of the things you might have overlooked is your vehicle. Many of us have cars we drive every day. Whether that's on the commute to ...
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10 Dad-Tested Content Marketing Secrets To Make Your Results Better Copy

Want to improve your content reach and results? Use these 10 Dad-Tested Content Marketing Secrets. Includes examples and tips for your marketing plans. The post 10 Dad-Tested Content Marketing Secrets To Make Your Results Better Copy appeared first on Heidi Cohen. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted ...
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