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Tracey Mylecharane, Solicitor

Tracey Mylecharane Director of Tracey Mylecharane Solicitor manages a virtual legal practice, providing legal advice to individual and business clients nationwide. Also a guest lecturer at ANU and UNSW, Tracey has recently launched a new course, Getting Paid Made Easy for service businesses taking their offerings online. Getting Paid Made ...
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Reimagining B2B Customer Experience: A Post-Pandemic Path Forward

Listen NEW! Listen to article COVID-19 was a transformative force in all sectors. For B2B organizations, the challenges and opportunities spurred by the pandemic meant making a myriad of changes—a shift toward digital sales chief among them. B2B marketing has traditionally had a slower uptake than B2C because of the ...
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How to Use ABM Tactics to Support Sales and Influence Buying Committee Decisions

Listen NEW! Listen to article The B2B sales cycle, particularly for enterprises, is extensive—often lasting from six months to over a year. That can be difficult both for marketers and for sales professionals who want to guide buyers every step of the way—feeding them necessary information, fending off any doubts, ...
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How to Write a Creative Brief in 11 Simple Steps [Examples + Template]

The first step in any successful project is drawing up a game plan with a clear objective. It's one of the reasons marketers love creative briefs. A creative brief acts as a roadmap that takes a project from ideation to completion. It ensures the scope, timeline, key stakeholders, and purpose ...
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The Best Integrated Marketing Campaigns, According to HubSpot Marketers

Integrated marketing is any marketing campaign that uses multiple channels in execution. For example, you might see a popular new donut flavor in a commercial, then drive past the donut shop to see posters of the donut. And if you flip through Instagram once you get to your destination, you ...
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‘The Only Certainty in Life is Change’

By Shonna Jordan, owner of Jordan & Jordan Marketing It was only about three weeks until my big event. I had sold tickets. I had sold exhibit tables. I had sponsors, food and beverage, volunteers, models and music all lined up. I put deposits on the venue and vendors. I ...
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Work From Home Office Must Haves

Is Remote Work The New Norm? Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home is starting to become far more normalized and people are beginning to accept remote work as their new way of life. Many companies are seeing this pandemic as an opportunity to test whether remote work should ...
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How to Improve WordPress Search with SearchWP (Quick & Easy)

Do you want to improve your WordPress search with SearchWP? By improving WordPress search, you can show your users the most relevant results to improve content discoverability and make more sales. In this article, we’ll show you how to improve your WordPress search with SearchWP easily. What is SearchWP? SearchWP ...
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Work at Home Transcription For Beginners – 8 Companies

Need options for transcription for beginners? General transcription is something you can do to earn money from home that does not always require experience or an education to get started, although those things don't hurt. However, learning to do the work fast and efficiently will likely take some time because it's ...
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How to Make Instagram Story Highlights [+Engage Your Audience]

Did you know that ⅓ of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses? Customers want to see what businesses are posting about on "Stories," however, as you probably know, those are only viewable for 24 hours. But what if your audience wants to save those Stories and come back ...
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ESL Jobs: How to Get Paid to Teach English Online

After I graduated from college, I took two months off to travel around Europe. During this time, I met a lot of interesting people who were doing fascinating things like joining the Peace Corps and teaching English classes abroad. These conversations focusing on travel and culture really got me excited ...
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How To Create a Brand Messaging Framework in 5 Steps (Infographic)

A brand messaging framework helps ensure your messaging remains true to your brand in every piece of content you create. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: How To Create a Brand Messaging Framework in 5 Steps (Infographic) ...
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2021 YouTube Ad Specs

Did you know that over 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the platform has more than 2 billion users? I don't know if it's just me, but I didn't know YouTube had that much content published every day. Since many businesses use YouTube as a ...
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What is Data as a Service (DaaS)?

"The Cloud." It's a concept that has grown wildly within the past 20-40 years as technology evolves. But if you're like me, you might not know what it really means. The cloud refers to how and where data is stored and where it isn't. It allows software and services to ...
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‘Above the Fold’ Episode Recap: Jeff and Francis Interview Jarod, A Real-Life Wunderkind

When he’s famous in 10 years, just remember that you heard about him on the Above the Fold podcast first. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ‘Above the Fold’ Episode Recap: Jeff and Francis Interview Jarod, A Real-Life Wunderkind ...
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40 Etsy Shop Ideas: Best Products To Sell in 2021

This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here Want to start a business on Etsy but not sure what kind? Etsy is overwhelmingly huge, so knowing what to sell exactly gives you a good head start in running an online business on Etsy. I’ve gathered a list of ...
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How to make money in 2 weeks

So you need some fast cash? Maybe to pay the bills at in a fortnight? Perhaps to restock the freezer at the end of the month? It could even be to help pay for a holiday you need to pay the balance of in a couple of weeks. Whatever the ...
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Earn money with 20 Cogs

If you are looking for a great way to top up your bank account, did you know you can earn money with 20 Cogs? There has been lots of online chatter as bloggers and influencers have been enjoying making extra money and sharing how they do it with 20 Cogs ...
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How iOS 15 Will Kill Email Open Rates–And How Marketers Can Prepare

Listen NEW! Listen to article Picture this: Your company's email campaigns have an average open rate of around 15%. Then one day it suddenly skyrockets to 40%. Maybe it's just a fluke, you think... until it happens again. And again. Anyone with marketing chops will know it's not a cause ...
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The 10 Brands Americans Feel Most Intimately Connected to in 2021

Apple, Amazon, and Disney are the major brands people in the United States feel most intimately connected to, according to recent research from MBLM. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in the summer of 2021 among 3,000 US consumers. The researchers polled participants to understand their ...
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Sensory Language: Why You Need to Use More of It In Your Writing

According to scientists studying sensory linguistics, using sensory language will help you enhance your writing and immerse your readers in the scene. Readers will have an easier time visualizing, hearing, and imagining a scenario so that, instead of simply digesting the information, they can actually experience it. You can use ...
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