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Comparison between Pixel 5 and iPhone 12- The Flagship Cell Phones of Apple and Google

Apple and Google are the first phone-makers to bring out a 5G phone- the iPhone 12, and the Pixel 5- something that Google brought along with the Pixel 4A 5G. Both these cell phones are on sale currently. The main two differences between the two mobiles are the OS and ...
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4 Key Benefits of Video Content

Convenience and timing play important roles if you and your business really want to stand out. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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Verizon implements Ethereum Blockchain to track press releases

Verizon reveals it implemented the most used Ethereum blockchain to monitors its press releases. The blockchain based system is set to raise the corporate bar of Verizon. The new blockchain framework is dubbed as Full-Transparent that tracks the press releases system. Verizon announced that it is launching a new tech ...
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Don't miss the most important news of the week! Take a look at Emprendenews

IKEA reprints and delays the release of its 2021 catalog and other news by less than 5 minutes. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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Chinese Digital Yuan to get featured in upcoming Huawei smartphone

Central Bank Digital Currencies have been lately in talks due to their use cases. Recently, we have witnessed several countries planning to launch their own digital currency. The latest hardware wallet feature in Huawei smartphone will provide exposure to Chinese Digital Yuan. Huawei is set to release a new smartphone ...
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5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Better Serve Their Potential Customers

Meet consumers where they are, especially when they are in a discovery phase. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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A look at Netflix’s recent price increase

Netflix announced a price increase on Thursday that sent shares higher. Netflix acknowledged the price increase comes at a time of heightened competition. Multipl experts expect more price increases to come over the years. Streaming video giant Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX) announced on Thursday it will raise prices for U.S ...
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How to Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Be a pop of color in the green forest. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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Key Points For Stimulus Check 2 Status

We have compiled the important pointers of Stimulus Check 2 status for recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The possibility of a repetition of the first stimulus check is likely to take place in case of a brand new COVID-19 relief fund proposed by ...
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5 Tax Deductions That Even Informed People Miss

Check your tax return for these items to make sure you aren't overpaying. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, says Jack Ma

The founder of Ecommerce giant Alibaba, Jack Ma is now supporting the cryptocurrencies. This is probably due to the recent breakthrough of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We have seen the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma talking about the use cases of blockchain technology in the past. The founder of Alibaba, Jack ...
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13 Businesses With Brilliant Global Marketing Strategies

Guess what? Global marketing is no longer reserved for brands with deep pockets, nor is it a huge hassle for already over-burdened marketing managers. In fact, a global presence is possible for any business with a creative strategy and an understanding of world markets. What Is Good Global Marketing? Global marketing ...
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32 of the Best Website Designs to Inspire You in 2020

Every once in a while, I'll come across a website that really draws me in. So, I found 32 of them to show you. These sites push the boundaries of what is known to be possible on the web. Whether it's the design aesthetic, usability, interactivity, sound design, or value ...
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How to Execute the Impossible

Ryan McMullan shares his system for identifying hidden opportunities for cash flow no matter how extreme the operating conditions. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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Starbucks CEO: recovery unfolding ‘faster than we anticipated’

Starbucks reported fiscal fourth quarter results that came in better than expected. While revenue and comps were still negative, other metrics signal a clear rebound from April. CEO Kevin Johnson said the recovery is happening faster than expected. Coffee giant Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) reported Thursday afternoon fiscal fourth quarter ...
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Americans Are Washing Their Hands Less. Here’s How Brands Can Help Change That

Unlike the rest of the world, Global Handwashing Day didn't make much an impact in the U.S. this year. Here's why our over-reliance on hand sanitizer needs to stop, and how brands can help. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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Chevron concludes the fiscal third quarter with £159 million of net loss.

Chevron concludes the fiscal third quarter with £159 million of net loss. The energy giant reports £18.85 billion of revenue in the third quarter. The American multinational plans on cutting 25% of Noble Energy jobs. Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX) published its earnings report on Friday that highlighted that company to ...
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9 Best Knowledge Base Plugins for WordPress (Compared)

Are you looking for a knowledge base plugin for WordPress? A knowledge base plugin allows you to easily publish documentation, tutorials, and how-to articles. You can organize these resources efficiently while keeping them apart from your blog and landing pages. In this article, we’ll show you the best knowledge base ...
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What Video Marketers Can Learn from 5 Memorable Australian Commercials

By September of 2019, nearly 60% of Australia's population was on YouTube. With internet and social media usage increasing in Australia, the percentage above is likely to grow. Like people in many other countries, Australians embrace video when it comes to learning new things, entertaining themselves, or even researching new ...
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What Are The 4 P’s of Marketing?

If you've been a marketing professional for years now, learning about the four P's of marketing might seem like a throwback to you. However, for those of us who work in the industry but didn't study marketing in college, it's entirely possible you haven't heard of the marketing mix. Below, ...
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Leadership Lessons From Ted Talks, the Oscars, and Burning Man

These very different phenoms offer secrets to boosting longevity, fostering loyalty, and delivering experiences people will find truly engaging. Read The Full Article This Content Was Originally Posted At: ...
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