Behind the Scenes of Building A Business While Working Full-time with Kristi Jacobsen

Our guest today is Kristi Jacobsen, founder of Broken Glass Media. The company intends to create a safe space for women in music, entrepreneurs, future female music industry leaders, to connect, discuss, and dream.

In this episode, you will…

  • Get to know Kristi Jacobsen
  • Hear about how she started her own blog
  • Learn to pursue your passion
  • Realize why it’s important not to rush
  • Why you should not allow yourself to burnout
  • How calendar blocking and productivity tools can help you
  • Know that everyone’s journey is different
  • Learn how you can start your business while still working full-time and more!


“I really want to make sure that I get it done right and I don’t want to burn myself out.”

“Going forward, you need to make time for yourself.”

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