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24 Blogs About Life You Should Know & Care About

You spend so much time perusing blogs about making money, maybe you should check out some blogs about life! Lifestyle blogs are exploding in popularity as more and more women are seeking out the personal experiences of others to motivate and inspire them. Sometimes blogs about life are like picking up a good magazine filled with a variety of useful and resourceful ideas. Other times, it’s like watching a reality show where you get to peek in on someone else’s...


The Easy Elementor Tutorial for Mom Bloggers for 2021

So you started a blog and now the work really starts! One of the things you’ll quickly learn when setting up your blog is that a page builder can turn your hobby blog into a professional-looking website. One popular – and free – page builder is Elementor. Now if you’re afraid to try a robust page builder, don’t be! Last summer I started using Elementer to build websites and found it incredibly fluid and easy to use! So, if you’re...


Simple WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial for 2021

So, about a week ago my husband tells me, “it’s official. We are all on Gutenberg.” See, since the beginning we have always used the Classic WordPress plugin to resort to the original WordPress editor when you write a blog post.  But, we can’t be fuddy-duddy’s and avoid anything new. After all, my word for 2021 is “new.” So I’m learning how to use Gutenberg for the first time. And if you recently started a blog, you are probably on...


Free Printable Habit Trackers: 20 Places to Find Them

How many habits, good or bad, do you have, mama? It’s been proven that almost 45% of our actions throughout the day are done automatically – our brains automate behaviors into habits in order to save energy. But before you blame your lazy brain for all of the bad habits you exhibit throughout the day, this is actually good news! It means that you can train your brain to pick up good habits too. However, simply deciding to kick a...


8 Simple Coding Hacks to Spruce Up Your Mommy Blog

Blogging is hard! Maybe you’ve thought of the following when starting your blog: I just don’t like how my blog looks and I have no idea how to change it without messing up my blog! What your blog looks like is important, but figuring out how to change fonts or create fun round images on your site looks hard! I know it is for me! Luckily, I know a mom blogger that loves tinkering with coding and customizing blogs. Her...


35 Home-Based Business Ideas for Moms

Are you ready to start a business at home as a stay at home mama? Having a home-based business is a great way to earn extra income while being at home with your little ones. I should know this! After having my twins over seven years ago, I was determined to stay home with them. I couldn’t stand the thought of going back to work and leaving them. I also couldn’t stand the thought of the daycare costs. Yikes! Where...


Grow Blog Traffic in December With this One Simple Thing

December in the blogging world can either mean chaos or distraction. For me, it’s chaos this year! But, I do know for some bloggers they turn away from their blog and emailing their list for most of December to focus on family and the holiday. And let me be the first blogger to say YASS! Do YOU! Be present this holiday and enjoy the time you have your family. But……yes, there is a but in this….please don’t neglect your blog...


53 Best Niche Products to Sell on Your Mom Blog

Do you want to do more with your mom blog than just write blog posts? Sure, a lot of us are in the mom-blogging game to make money, but sometimes we want to do more than bank on affiliate marketing or ad placement. A lot of mom bloggers in my Facebook group have many different ways to make money with their blog and the one overwhelming method is selling niche products. By offering niche products, we can expand on our...


30 Side Hustle Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Being able to stay at home with your children is an amazing opportunity for moms. However, sometimes this isn’t financially feasible. Either one income isn’t enough to make ends meet or you want some additional money to spend or save for future goals. Luckily, you don’t need to leave your home in order to make some extra money. With side hustles, both online and offline, you can enjoy your time at home with your kiddos while earning an income. Don’t...


7 End of Year Blogging Tasks for Mom Bloggers (+ 15 Tips for Instant Blog Success)

December is finally here, and I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to the New Year and growing my blog’s traffic and income!  Are you excited by next year? If so, one major thing mom bloggers should do before the New Year is cross-off end of the year blogging tasks. These aren’t exciting tasks for your blog but they can prepare you for the New Year to gain new readers, grow your traffic, email list and income! Phew!...

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