Author: Caroline Forsey


How to A/B Test Your Pricing (And Why It Might Be a Bad Idea)

Choosing the right pricing for your product is a little bit like Goldilocks. Too high, and you risk alienating a large majority of your potential customers. Too low, and you likely won’t have enough revenue to run a sustainable business. Plus, consumers might not value your product or brand as highly if they see a much lower cost than competitors’. But how can you get it just right? That’s what we’re going to explore in this post. Let’s dive into...


How to Embed a Facebook Feed On Your Website [Quick Tutorial]

Facebook is an undeniably powerful channel for marketing purposes. In fact, 91% of B2B and 96% of B2C marketers currently use it for advertising and marketing. The success of your social media marketing strategy depends on engagement, typically in the form of Likes, comments, or shares. But high engagement rates are easier said than done. One opportunity to increase engagement on your business’ Facebook Page is by embedding your Page on your website — which could increase likes and comments on...


Why P2P Marketing Might Be a Good Alternative to Influencer Marketing

To understand what peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing is, let’s start with an example. Recently, I was looking for a new face moisturizer. Of course, I could’ve trusted the numerous influencers I follow on Instagram, all with strong opinions regarding the “best, most effective” options available. But I wasn’t convinced these influencers had my best interest in-mind. Yes, most influencers’ (and micro-influencers) are successful because they promote valuable products. But they’re getting commission off those posts, too. So I handled my problem the old-fashioned...


10 Best Video Editing Software Tools for YouTube

People watch almost 5 billion videos every day on YouTube. It’s no wonder content creators choose this channel to share their ideas, products, and skills — they know there’s potential to earn a great following and potential customers. Given the multitude of videos that live on the platform, it’s important to make yours stand out if you want the same. The quality of your video will rely on your filming equipment and the editing software you use. A video with high resolution, proper lighting,...


A Marketer’s Short & Sweet Guide on Diversification

To consider the potential payoff of product diversification, let’s start with an example. Lululemon, an athletic apparel company, was founded in 1998 with one core product: yoga clothing for women. If you’ve been to a store recently, you’ve likely seen how far beyond women’s yoga-clothing Lululemon has grown. For instance, my brother now buys all his button-down shirts and work pants from Lululemon. Additionally, last week I bought a bathing suit from the shop. On their Our Story page, Lululemon states:...


How to Verify Your Facebook Page in 5 Steps [+ Why You Should]

The other day, I searched for “Taylor Swift” on Facebook. I was shocked to find hundreds — if not thousands — of Taylor Swifts in the United States alone. Fortunately, I was able to find the mega-pop star’s page easily, with the help of a small blue badge: When searching for a business (or person) on Facebook, a verified badge is often the easiest and most reliable way to ensure the page you’ve found is authentic. As a business, it’s critical...


How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn, According to LinkedIn’s VP of Marketing

As a marketer, you’re undoubtedly aware of some of the major social media sites you can use for lead generation. I’m willing to bet you’ve already heard about the importance of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — and if you use all three as part of your lead generation strategy, you might think you’re all set.  However, if you’re not using LinkedIn you could be missing out on a major opportunity to grow both brand recognition and revenue, especially if you’re...


7 Effective Ways to Promote an Event on Facebook

 An event is a fantastic opportunity to delight existing customers, while also reaching new audiences and increasing brand awareness. Consider, for instance, how I first came across Southcoast Open Air Market — a local, Massachusetts-based market featuring handmade goods, fresh produce and meats, and live music — by searching “Events near me” on Facebook. I never would’ve found the company if not for an event they posted recently: And, thus, the ultimate power of online events: The ability to attract new customers...


7 Creative Company Profile Examples to Inspire You [Templates]

We all know about the infamous rivalry between Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. At the end of the day, they both sell coffee — but they’ve each cultivated strong, unique brands, and have attracted very different audiences as a result. You can often overhear heated arguments regarding the topic, with people vehemently claiming one coffee chain to be better than the other. But let’s say you didn’t know about the rivalry, and you’d never heard of either Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts...


How Much Should Your Marketing Team Budget for 2021? [By Industry]

When I was hired for my first marketing role, I got really excited to pitch new, exciting ideas to my team. And I thought — as long as I had data to support the potential success of a project — that my team would be thrilled to hear these ideas. Which they were. But they were also cautious, and one of their biggest concerns was, “Okay, this sounds great … but how much is it going to cost?” Ultimately, being a...

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