Author: AJ Beltis


How to Run a Focus Group for Your Business

When you’re developing or launching a new product, service, or business, you’ll want to have a general sense of how receptive your target market will be to it. Typically, this is done through extensive market research — and one key component of the research process is running a focus group. A focus group is a small group of people, typically representative of your target market, with whom you share ideas and ask questions about your product, service, or business. The...


The 8 Best Free Flowchart Templates [+ Examples]

A great business needs a great many things in order to succeed – strong leadership, a competitive advantage, and a unique vision among them. However, one element that could make or break a business is its process (or lack thereof). A clear, repeatable process has two major hurdles to a successful implementation in a business. Number one is the development of that process, and number two is getting buy-in from stakeholders on that process. That said, the best way to overcome...


How to Create an Advertising Proposal [Free Template]

Whether you’re part of an internal marketing team or an agency developing an advertising pitch, it’s imperative to nail your advertising proposal to gain stakeholder clarity and secure their buy-in. After all, advertising is expensive, and a poorly managed campaign results in wasted funds and resources that fail to deliver a return on investment – which could hinder a company’s ability to hit its awareness and sales goals. Executives need to know that an advertising project has been well thought-out...


How the HubSpot Blog Generates Leads [+ How Yours Can, Too]

It’s hard to believe that if the HubSpot Blog were a person, it would currently be in high school. That’s right – for well over a decade, content has been published on the HubSpot Blog to help hundreds of millions of readers discover best practices in the areas of marketing, sales, customer service, website development, agency work, and general business best practices. Behind the scenes, our team also thinks about how we can convince as many readers as possible to...


The 5 Best Ebook Formats for Marketers [Free Templates]

Some argue that in the world of marketing, ebooks are dead. Others say they are not. But the fact is that ebooks — when written, designed, and marketed properly — can generate thousands upon thousands of contact submissions for your business. Whether you’re just getting started with ebook creation as a marketing tool, or you’re reconsidering the role of ebooks in your existing content strategy, you’re likely asking yourself an important question: What is the best ebook format for the...


How to Build a Market Development Strategy [Free Planning Templates]

Your business is getting by just fine – but still, the questions remain: Could you be selling more? Is there an opportunity to increase market penetration? Is there any way you could engage in further product diversification? Companies hoping to increase revenue can do so in a variety of ways — such as an increase in advertising budget, expanding their sales team, and investing heavily in product development. However, one of the often overlooked ways to strengthen your gross sales...


What Is a Focus Group in 100 Words or Less [+ Pros and Cons]

In an ideal world, you’d know just how your product or business idea would be perceived before it’s released. This knowledge could help you make alterations to what you’re offering for the best possible reception, and better inform your sales projections and marketing strategy. Sadly, you’ll never know exactly how what you’re selling will be received by your target audience, which is why companies conduct market research. But, while mass data collection through surveys provides you with necessary quantitative information,...


How to Make an Instagram Post Template for Your Business or Brand

Instagram is an undeniably powerful marketing tool, but with over 25 million businesses on the platform today, it’s critical you take the time to create well-designed and thoughtful Instagram posts to stand out. You’ll need to apply a strategic design plan to your business’s Instagram to attract a loyal following and find success on the app, long-term. However, creating a clean and cohesive Instagram feed takes design skills you might feel you lack. Plus, Instagram’s algorithm favors brands that post...

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