Analyzing the Online Casino Industry Growth and Trends of 2020/21

The internet and other technological advancements have spurred the online casino industry to unimaginable heights. As a result, every top online casino like the Lucky Nuggets Casino has integrated these innovations in their operations to continue offering their clients the best. In 2020, as people were forced to stay indoors, there was an influx of online casinos as people sought online entertainment options.

Reasons for the Rapid Growth of the World’s Online Gambling Market

Industry experts project that the online gaming industry will continue growing up to 10% yearly. Here are some reasons that are driving the industry’s growth:

  • Smartphone penetration – the availability of smartphones has contributed significantly to the growth of online gambling. This trend has been complemented by online gambling operators taking a mobile-first approach in designing their websites. As a result, many people can access the services conveniently.
  • Internal industry competition – competition amongst online gambling providers has also led to its growth. Because of competition, the operators have reduced the minimum bet amounts and increased the chances of their offers. Some even give players some money to start with, making them very popular.
  • Reputable licensing – in Europe and the UK, there are reputable licensing bodies that offer licenses to online gambling operators. Players tend to trust online casinos licensed by such operators. This confidence in online casinos has also contributed to the online gambling industry’s growth.

Online Gambling Trends 2020/21

Mobile Gaming

Industry experts suggest that the smartphone will continue to be the device of choice for many online gamblers. To keep up with the rising demand for mobile games, software developers and online casino operators will continue to develop mobile-friendly games.

There is also an increase in the number of casual games that do not engage the players a lot. Mobile gamers tend to be casual and only play during short breaks or while at the train station.


This is not a new phenomenon in the online gambling industry. However, online casinos have been slow in the adoption of the technology. In 2021, many industry pundits suggest there will be more online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

The initial impediment was due to a lack of understanding by the gamblers on how the technology works. But, now that the technology has been around for some time, more gamers understand how it works. You should expect to see more online casinos adopting the use of cryptocurrencies.

More New Sites

Since online gambling has proven to be a very profitable venture, more business people will continue investing in it. In this regard, expect to see multiple new online casino websites being launched. Moreover, it is not difficult to set up an online casino, mostly if you use white labels.

However, as more online casinos are launched, there will be dubious ones. Therefore, it is up to the gamers to ensure they find reputable casinos.

VR Gaming

VR gaming became critical for gamers who wanted the “real casino” experience. With this technology, players can enjoy the casino environment without leaving the comfort of their homes. The technology was big in 2020 and is expected to grow further in 2021.

Final Thoughts

The growth of the online gambling industry will continue. As mentioned at the beginning of this piece, technology is expected to spearhead the growth. Consequently, only online casinos that can take advantage of emerging technologies will remain competitive. In all the developments, the gamer is the biggest beneficiary.

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