Ad Exchange Platforms List 2020 – Top 15 Digital Ad Exchanges for Advertising

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December 5, 2020
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You Must Try these 15 reputed Ad Networks for Joining Online advertising exchanging programs for the Outstanding results from your Display Advertising.

Top 15 Ad Exchange Networks for Advertisers, Publishers, and Ad Networks

List of Ad Networks (for advertisers and publishers) that offer ad exchanging programs for a successful online advertising for your business website or personal blog.

Whenever you think of an ad exchange network, the stock exchange market should always come into your mind. This is because an ad exchange network operates just like the stock exchange market, allowing advertisers and web publishers to buy and sell ads space automatically.

Top Platforms for Digital Ad Exchanges
Ad Exchange Networks Play Pivotal Role in Connecting Advertisers & Publishers

What is an ad exchange network?

An Ad Exchange network is a place where publishers and advertisers buy and sell display, mobile, and video ad inventory. Here you can buy or sell ads using real time auctions in the digital marketplace designed for advertisers and publishers.

Ad exchange networks play the role of improving transparency and targeting in paid advertising, thereby ensuring that web publishers get the best price for their ad inventory and advertisers target their audience accurately. These networks also eliminate the need for middlemen in online advertising.

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Top 15 Ad Exchange Networks for Digital Advertising:

Here is the list of 15 reputed advertising exchange networks for paid advertising that are worth using:

1. Rubicon Project

This online advertising firm optimizes advertising revenue for various websites by leading the automation of online advertising. It offers real-time and data-driven automation for both auctions and direct orders.

Rubicon Project for exchanging Advertising

2. AppNexus

If you are looking for specialist services in real-time online advertising, you can get them at AppNexus uses robust technology to power innovative trading solutions and internet market places, thereby solving the most nagging problems in online advertising.

AppNexus Ad Servers

3. One by AOL

This is one of the latest additions to the ad networks list. It was launched on April 14 2015 with the mission to simplify digital advertising and provide a unified marketplace for advertisers and publishers.

It has acquired several other running ad networks, forming a great online advertising marketplace.

Exchange ads at AOL Platforms

4. LiveRail

LiveRail is a Facebook company that promises to provide a leading monetization platform for broadcasters, publishers and mobile app developers. This platform will make buying and selling of advertising space easy.

Visit LiveRail for Ad Exchanging Platforms

5. ClearPier

This is one of the best networks for inventory as well as price transparency, gathering, protection and monetization of data, reduction of operational costs and innovative offerings.

ClearPier Ad Changing Platform

6. DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Of all the current ad exchange networks, DoubleClick Ad Exchange is the largest. It connects advertisers and publishers from all corners of the world, forming a great marketplace where buyers have access to publishers of all types and sizes.

This helps them to choose the right ad for the right audience at the right time.

DoubleClick Ads Exchanging Platform for Advertisers

7. Google Adwords ( Put ads on the websites that show ads from Google AdSense)

Passion in paid advertising has its place at Google AdSense. Publishers of all sizes can access Google AdSense and have their advertising needs met. One of the most desirable aspects of AdSense is its geographical targeting.

Generally, adverts placed online through Google AdSense are very likely to be seen by the right audience.

At Google You can target other websites or blogs of your interest if they are using Google AdSense ads on their sites. You can target such websites by creating an ad campaign and enabling ‘Display Networks’ from the campaign settings.

Visit Google Ads Website

8. Microsoft Media Network

Microsoft continues to provide awesome business solutions in the industry. For instance, whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, Microsoft Media Network gives you quality scale, targeting and increased performance.

It offers great choices and efficiency that will transform your site into a revenue generating machine.

Advertising at Microsoft Media Ad Networks

9. Pubmatic

It is not possible to forget mobile Ad networks, especially at this time when internet users on mobile devices are more than those on PCs.Pubmatic is one such ad exchange network that automates workflow and performs real time analytics to enable publishers to make smart and faster decisions that will drive revenue and smoothen operations.

Pubmatic for Ad Exchanging networks

10. Nexage

This is also a mobile ad exchange that offers premium and programmatic advertising solutions for publishers and developers. It was recently acquired by Millennial Media in what promises to be a plan for creation of an improved and independent mobile marketplace.

Nextage Network for Paid Advertising solutions

11. MoPub

This mobile ad exchange network allows you to drive more mobile ad revenue using powerful ad management, optimization and reporting tools.

MoPub for Mobile ad exchanging

12. BuySellAds

At BuySellAds, advertisers have the chance to buy relevant audiences at their preferred scale while publishers can sell more and still have total control of their inventories.

BuySellAds for making Banner advertising on Top Niche websites

13. OpenX

OpenX offers a large programmatic digital advertising exchange that provides high-quality inventory. Buyers enjoy the fairest possible prices available and sellers get the best value for their inventory, creating a marketplace where all participants are satisfied.

Openx for Digital ad exchanging programs

14. reminds you that you can make a lot of revenue from your online content. You can do so by just joining the largest pool of advertisers at

Media.Net for Contextual advertising network

15. Adblade

All advertisers who have not had successful advertising campaigns can turn tables with a promising advertising campaign at Adblade.

With over 1000 branded content sites and ability to reach more than 300 million users in a month, you can be sure to succeed. Adblade also offers monetization solutions that are designed to meet a wide range of publisher’s needs.

Adblade for promising advertising


In a nutshell, this ad networks list consists of reputed ad exchange networks that have been rated highly by those who have interacted with them. However, the best networks are yet to come, as internet advertising changes by the day.For instance, Facebook has already announced that it will launch its ad exchange that will be powered by LiveRail. We are still to see how this ad exchange will change the digital advertising scene.

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