Achievement Addiction With Shauna VanBogart

Today’s guest is Shauna VanBogart. Shauna helps small business owners build, run, and scale sustainable service-based businesses that feel as good as they look. After completing a graduate degree in Communications and Leadership Studies, building four businesses from 0 to over six and multiple six-figures in annual revenue, and 10+ years mentoring business owners running everything from start-ups to multi-million dollar brands, Shauna knows precisely what it takes to evolve a business and elevate its income.

Shauna utilizes her graduate degree, a decade of business experience, and her certification in Hypnosis to work one-on-one with clients to refine their business model, scale their expertise, and develop an online presence to increase revenue and create sustainable, soulful success.

In this episode, you will…

  • Get tips in transitioning from your job to your own business
  • Hear about the high-level version of how Shauna started her journey
  • Learn how you can evolve together with your business
  • Listen to Shauna’s experience in image consulting and how she uses that experience to help small business owners
  • Hear about why she let go of her online magazine which was already successful and had massive potential to turn into an excellent publication
  • Identify the sabotaging roadblocks from your subconscious place
  • Discover about the “achievement addiction” piece
  • Hear about her challenges on sponsorship which doesn’t align with her brand
  • Define what is your achievement
  • How to find that spark of inspiration from within you
  • and so much more!



“I’m feeling like I’m missing something that’s mine, exclusively mine, and what feels, you know, so good to me. So I keep coming back to self-development.”

“I kept hitting these bigger and bigger milestones in my career, yet I felt less and less fulfilled. It was like the law of diminishing returns.”

“The only way that you can get those beautiful answers and sparks of inspiration from inside of you is to filter out that noise. Stop being externally referenced. Stop comparing yourself go inward, do that deep self-reflective work to see where do you really like strive and thrive? Where is your zone of genius, and to step into it, versus constantly looking outward and go, Okay, I need to strive for that.”




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