7 Steps To Becoming A Publicity Pro With Selena Soo


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So many entrepreneurs feel like they need to hit 6 figures or achieve a huge milestone success before they’re ready and worthy to get publicity.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

We all have interesting stories to share and our personal perspectives and experiences can impact so many people.

Publicity is the perfect way to not only get yourself and your work out there, but also to get in front of people who might see themselves in you and feel inspired.

I have an incredible conversation to share with you in this episode that I had with the amazing Selena Soo, all about how anyone at any stage of their business can get publicity.

In this episode Selena and I chat about:

  • Why being an introvert can actually help you to be even more relatable when you get publicity.
  • How Selena was inspired to get into publicity by sharing meaningful stories she knew would impact other people’s lives.
  • The 7 steps to getting publicity and making the most of that exposure to get amazing results in your business.
  • The biggest challenge that keeps people back from trying to get publicity.
  • The 5 levels of publicity that you can get and the different advantages of each one.

I know this episode is going to show you that we all have interesting stories to share and will inspire you to get publicity for your own business!

If you’d love to dive deeper into Selena’s publicity framework, she created an incredible masterclass for our Members’ Club called Become A Publicity Pro And A Media Maven.

Check out the Members’ Club and Selena’s masterclass right here!

And if you would like to connect with Selena, make sure you download her free 12-month media calendar here!


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7 Steps To Becoming A Publicity Pro With Selena Soo

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