7 Free Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website in 2021

how to drive traffic to your website

No matter what online business model you choose to be involved with, you will need to promote it in some form to ensure its success. Some individuals prefer to pay for traffic, and while this is almost guaranteed to bring you traffic, the cost can quickly add up. And this is why I want to share 7 free ways to drive traffic to your website that still works today.

You can use the free strategies listed below in conjunction with paid strategies if your business is new. But as your website’s authority grows and you continue to put out great content, you will find that it gets easier to drive free traffic to your website.

Note that free traffic is not really free, as instead of money, you will have to invest your time and effort. But the pay-off is definitely worth it.

With that said, below are the top 7 free ways to drive traffic to your website today!

1. Publish on Medium

Publishing on Medium will help you get quality backlinks to your website, and expose you to an organic audience.

Medium is a high authority website that allows individuals to publish on it privately. Let’s take a quick look at the stats of this website. As of the day of this publishing, Medium has an authority score of 88 on Semrush, which is extremely high. It also has almost 1.1 Billion backlinks and approximately 77 Million search traffic from organic searches (see image below).

This means that if you publish on medium and link back to your website. Your website will benefit from the quality of this link. Also, your post will rank high on google, which means that you can get traffic from Google to your website using this method.

To publish on Medium, you should make sure that you are offering great content. This means that your content is informative (use keywords that are highly searched), valuable, and at least 2000 words. Further, you should not write an article for a keyword that Medium is already ranking for. To see if Medium ranks for a keyword you plan to use, simply enter the keyword into the search engine and see if an article from medium appears there.

Do not spam. Publishing low-quality posts on Medium can get your post deleted and your account suspended.

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2. Publish on Web 2.0 websites

As discussed above, publishing on high-ranking websites is an excellent way to grow your backlinks and also gain visibility. Web 2.0 websites are Content Management Systems where users can register accounts to edit and publish posts and pages. Addonwebs has a list of the top ranking 140 Web 2.0 sites with high domain ranking, which you can use to build do-follow backlinks to improve your SEO.

Remember not to spam and to provide meaningful and valuable content, as low-quality content will only be deleted, which means that your link will also be deleted.

3. Use Facebook Groups

Facebook group is an excellent platform to network, learn new things, get help, and share ideas. It is also suitable for other things such as gaining exposure and traffic to your website.

No, I don’t mean by spamming every comment with your link. You can get other members’ attention by providing valuable content and offering genuine help. If you do so, once in a while, when relevant, you may also be able to share your content without ruffling feathers. But if this chance never comes, not to worry. There are other ways you can gain traffic and exposure to your website.

One way is to join groups through your business page and offer value. When others like your post or submit comments on your posts, you can invite them to like your page. Doing so will attract them to the posts that you already have on your page. Another way is to allow them to find you. Most individuals will search for you online when they are interested in what you have to offer.

4. Answer Questions on Reddit and Quora

If you are looking for free ways to drive traffic to your website, don’t overlook Reddit or Quora, as these are two potent engines for driving website traffic. While both are entirely different, I put them together as the strategy for both of them is quite similar. Both of these platforms also offer you an opportunity to share your developing expertise as a webpreneur.

Start using these platforms by first, Joining both, then searching for relevant topics to your business, blog topics, or your expertise. Offer valuable answers to questions only where you can add value and include your website’s link on your signature.

free ways to drive traffic to your website

Like all the other methods described above, you will lose credibility and possibly get your account suspended for spamming, so do not do this. I know I have said this a million times, but I am repeating it because of the importance of this point.

5. Promote Posts/Pages on Social Media

The knowledge that you should promote your articles on social media is almost a no-brainer. Almost every online entrepreneur knows this, but the number of individuals that do not act on this knowledge is quite significant.

Different social media work for different business models. For instance, bloggers report huge successes on Pinterest, while eCommerce marketers prefer Facebook and Instagram. Figure out what social media works for your website and make use of that social media.

Remember, success with social media is achieved with consistent posting and engagement. Here again, spamming is frowned upon.

6. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains the king in 2021 when it comes to free ways to drive traffic to your websites. However, most people know that SEO takes a while. Sometimes it takes months or even over a year before you start seeing free traffic from search engines. But even this is not a given. You have to plan for SEO. One of the easiest ways to do so is to use an SEO plugin with your website.

Also, set up Google Search Console to track your progress and get suggestions to improve your traffic directly from this search engine.

Some quick ways to improve your SEO and get Google to notice your website include, building backlinks, onsite optimization, including LSI keywords in your documentation.

For on-site SEO, make sure to use a plugin such as Yoast or Analytify to keep you on track.

7. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging, which is basically writing for other blogs remains one of the leading free ways to drive traffic to your website. Although some websites or blogs with very high DA may require a fee.

Guest blogging usually presents a win-win situation as most bloggers need quality backlinks to improve their SEO. They, therefore, trade great content to website owners who have a high DA since website owners are continually looking for unique content.

In more recent times, site owners are pickier about who they allow to guest post on their blogs. You usually have to pitch the blog or website editor with an attractive post topic that has not been published before and is relevant to their audience.

If you already have a portfolio, this should not present too much of a problem since you can showcase your work’s quality.

In Conclusion

Irrespective of your business model, your success online is dependent upon your traffic. The more traffic you build, the more opportunities that will open up for you. The online business models present differently from physical businesses who rely on the saying, “If you build it, they will come”. Here effort and time are highly required. Hopefully, this post, “7 free ways to drive traffic to your website,” will provide you with the tips you need for continued success!

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