7 Best Podcasts to Excel in Digital Marketing

In this article we will highlight some of the best podcasts to master marketing from which you can take a lot of tips. Let us take a look:

1. The Growth Hacking Podcast ( Avanza Growth)

Listen to the Growth Hacking Podcasts

This podcast allows you to listen to seasoned entrepreneurs with the help of which you will get answers to your problems. These experienced individuals speak about the strategies they applied to make their startup grow big. This growth hacking podcast is in the 25 to 45-minute range and you can take a lot from it. The data is all that matters here.

What you take away by listening to these different set of entrepreneurs will help you up your marketing game, giving you great insights on marketing strategies necessary for a startup.

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2. Growth Everywhere

Access their Podcast Here

You might not be pleased with the quality of production of this podcast yet what you will find appealing is the content here. Founders from diverse fields make a part of this podcast talking about their experiences. They will suggest books and strategies that could be useful for.

You have to be a little patient here as initial 10 minutes you might not find interesting as they talk about their companies and what all it does. In fact to be honest here, be ready to bear those advertisements too that promotes their services in between.

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3. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

Access Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

When the topic of a podcast is decided in advance, there exist no space for unnecessary baseless or useless issues/problem which people hardly have any interest in. The conversation becomes more to the point and logical which if you take a detailed look lacks in an interview.

Now herein there are two hosts Dawn Marrs-Ottiz and Traci Reuter who are very specific and clear about what exactly they want to discuss. When no unnecessary conversation takes place, various different kinds of suggestions can be extracted out of a single discussion. Their way and level is in sink with the latest marketing approaches.

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4. Social Media Examiner Show

Access Social Media Examiner Podcasts

Basically it shows the way a topic can be made understood or knowledge about certain topic can be given via small amount of information on that topic. Regularly they take ten minutes to cover a single topic. This podcast doesn’t consume lot of your time and this is the very reason that it could become a good habit of people to gain ideas on new topics everyday and increase their knowledge.

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5. The Art of Paid Traffic by Rick Mulready

Access the Podcast: The Art of Paid Traffic

If used in the right way paid advertising could pave way for great amount of traffic. Although the bitter fact remains that not everyone consider using it as it is paid form of marketing.

Some businesses overlook the great advantage it delivers which is of bringing targeted traffic to the website. This podcasts covers paid promotions of all sorts like YouTube, Twitter Ads, Retargeting, LinkedIn Ads, Google Adwords and most importantly Facebook Ads.

These ads also make a part of your landing page, analytics & more. The duration is for about 30 minutes i-e to the most this podcast would take just your lunchtime; let’s say for that matter.

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6. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield

Access the Podcasts: Online Marketing Made Easy

With great production quality, in this podcast Amy Porterfield shares her experiences of running a business, promoting a product. She gives examples of the right and wrong she did or experienced while doing the aforesaid.

What fears us and the questions whose answers we seek for in relation to business are addressed here in this podcast, which makes it worth our time. Even the guests are also invited once in while to share their experiences and this makes a whole lot of a valuable learning experience.

7. Conversion Cast

Direct Access to Conversion Cast Podcasts

Hosted by Tim Paige, every episode of this podcast takes 10-20 minutes. How different startups emerged from their lows to high, how the traffic increased on their sites, how conversion rate improved, how they got more and more subscribers via campaigns and other such things are talked about in these episodes.

You get inspiration, knowledge and great ideas, which you can execute in your own business through this podcast.

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