7 Best Places to Find New Ideas for Creating Fresh Content for your Blog

If you are looking to keep an eye on some specific topics and want to keep updated about the same you should resort to Google alert.

When you create an alert with Google every time that specific keyword is mentioned anywhere on the web, you get an email notification for the details.For example you wish to keep updated about all small medium business updates you can create an alert for it. Like I did and I keep getting notifications in my mail like this:

Google Alerts-Snapshot-412x640

Google Alerts: Snapshot

Set an Alert for yourself by visiting Google Alerts page

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2. Follow the Twitter Trends to get Ideas

3. Facebook Trending Topics

Facebook Trending Topics-600x300
Visit Facebook Trending Topics to discover what is trending presently

Facebook shows trending topics which keeps updating as and when another topic becomes more popular. So it works on basis of popularity of topics.

While in Twitter you get to know about a particular hashtag that is trending and then you go deeper to dig out what that hashtag is all about and get to know the details like this, in case with Facebook, it is not so.

When a topic start trending Facebook clearly give a one liner reason for the trend just after every trending topic.

Though the Facebook trends are not that much voice of the masses as Twitter trends are.

Facebook trends says it shows topics that are popular and of your interest to you and also the trends depending upon the famous happening from around the world and for which more celebrities etc are talking about.

So this means the trending topics for you can be little different than trending topics for me.

That’s not fair!

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4. Find High Search Volume keywords

High Search Volume keywords-500x300
Go for High Search Volume keywords in your Niche

High search volume keywords as we very well understand are the keywords which are most popular because of the volume of people searching for it.

It’s not just about the high search volume keywords in general but find out the high search volume keywords which are specific to your audience. I mean, Niche keywords.

For example, a keyword like ‘Flipkart’ may be a high search volume keyword for shoppers in India but your target audience may necessarily not just confine to Indian shoppers but the shoppers from all over the world.

Instead of going about guessing the high search volume keywords you can easily find out by proper keyword research. Google analytics and Adwords keyword planner tool is great to assess your keyword performance and status.

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5. Quora: Get Content Ideas from this great community

Use-Quora to generate and find new ideas for your niche content-587x292
Quora is a great community and can find new and unique ideas for your niche content here!

With over 1.5 million monthly visitors Quora is poised to give you what you are looking for.

A platform like Quota which is unique in itself and connects people from all around the world to engage in topics of their choice.

It poses a great opportunity to see what people are talking about and moreover what more and more people are talking about.

It gives a very clear insight about the views and thoughts of masses with regard to the concerned topic/s.

It can help you generate unique ideas on the basis of the research that you do by going through the popular discussion topics in your niche of which are relevant to your audience.

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6. Forums are Great Places to find Content Ideas

Forums have been a great source to keep the track of the pulse of the market even before anything else but it still holds good.

It is still a great source if you can catch hold of the popular forums in your target segment and analyse what people are talking and what are their concerns.

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7. Reviews and Feedbacks

Product reviews are a must to actually understand what people are speaking about their experiences with different products and services. So, try to make it a habit to check the review sites every now and then to know what is hot at the moment.

I have created here a list of the most popular review sites where you can find the most active community of consumers.

It helps you get a clear idea about the way people are expressing their amusement or concern for a product or service.

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