6 Software Systems You Need to Set Up in Your Online Business Today With Amanda Boleyn

When I started in the online space it was like a web that was hard to untangle. I didn’t know where to get started, how to get started? What is email marketing? Why do I need a website? What is an opt-in, and all of that stuff, and this might be the same for most of you, so in this episode, I will walk you through the 6-Score Software Systems that I believe you need to set up in your online business today and start making money!

In this episode, you will…

  • Get insights on how to get started using systems for your business
  • Learn about the software systems that will help you with your business
  • Hear about the benefits of automation
  • Insights on how to organize your processes
  • Get tips on getting leads for your business
  • Decide on what’s suitable and best for your online business



“One of the things that I do recommend is that If you’re just starting from scratch or let’s say you’re overhauling your current website, is really think about what you want your website to feel like, and how do you want it to be navigated. And so you can start looking at other people’s websites and start paying attention to how theirs is laid out and what you like about it and what you don’t.”

“Now is better than ever a great time to start building your email list.”

“I kind of like to keep systems clean in the sense that email and ConvertKit serve email purpose, and Squarespace serves my website person purpose. But, if you find something that works for you, you have to do that.”




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