6 Benefits of Hiring a Company for All Your Tree Service in North Bay

Having trees on your property comes with many benefits, including additional shade from the sun, and can even mean a bit more privacy from your neighbors. The problem is that the maintenance of these trees can be dangerous in many ways, and if not done correctly, it can damage property. We’ve all seen an old tree fall on a house or a vehicle during a storm somewhere, whether it’s a movie, a show, or in person. When this happens, it’s because the tree wasn’t cared for properly, making it a hazard for the neighboring properties.

In Canada, Ontario’s North Bay area is filled with many large trees. Even though this can be a beautiful sight, it can also be dangerous if they aren’t cared for properly. If you live in the area, one of the easiest ways to make sure your trees are kept in good shape and avoid tree-related hazards is by hiring a tree service company.

Below are some of the benefits you’ll receive when hiring a company for all your Tree Service in North Bay, ON:

1. Avoid Risk of Injury

Many people underestimate how dangerous servicing trees can be, as many tree care-related injuries could end up being fatal. Such fatalities are caused by the lack of training or safety equipment. Doing this errand yourself can cause harm either to yourself or others.

Thus, even if you think you can do your own tree servicing, it might be best to reconsider. Professional tree service providers might make their job look easy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anyone can do what they do. These pros go through long and intensive training and have rigorous rules in place to avoid injury.

2. Avoid Potential Damage to Your Home

Often, homeowners don’t contact tree service companies until after the damage has been done. Most people aren’t aware that these services also exist to provide preventative measures. As trees grow, they need to be serviced regularly to avoid accidents. Such services include trimming branches stretching too close to powerlines, cutting off dead branches, and shaping trees to grow whichever way best benefits you.

If you avoid doing these things, any of these factors could cause property damage. All it takes is a strong storm with constant winds to knock a branch off of a tree and cause damage to your home or vehicles. The accident could even cost someone’s life. Thus, monitor your trees and call the pros if something starts to grow wrong.

Person Trimming Trees

3. Can Detect Possible Hazards

Tree service employees spend most of their week servicing and trimming trees, giving them the advantage to locate potential threats. Many people do their own tree servicing but are unaware of factors that might affect tree health.

Tree service companies could readily tell a healthy tree from an unhealthy one. They can also tell when a branch should be trimmed or cut based on its location and how strong or healthy it looks. There might be other hazards besides tree health that you might not be aware of, but they’ll know. If you do these services yourself, you can put yourself in a dangerous situation. Thus, leave the chainsaw action to these North Bay pros instead.

4. Make Storm Damage Cleanup a Breeze

Besides preventative measures, these companies also offer services to aid you once disaster strikes, like storm cleanup. Storms can be extremely damaging and costly, and cleaning up after they hit could pose various hazards. Contacting a tree service company can help take care of this part, leaving you to attend to more important things.

5. Have the Proper Tools for the Job

Tree servicing requires having specialized and expensive tools, which can be bought in specialty hardware stores. Even though doing your own tree services might seem like the way to go, you should let the experts take care of it so you won’t have to worry about buying the appropriate equipment. Most companies have heavy-duty tools like chainsaws, harnesses, rope and pulley systems, and special lifts to help make servicing trees a breeze.

6. Will Be Insured

Sometimes, accidents happen even when you take all the preventative measures available to avoid them. Some could lead to serious injury or damage to yourself or other’s property. If you decide to service your trees on your own and cause damage to something, you’ll be responsible for paying for such damages out of your own pocket.

One way to avoid it is to choose a tree service company that’s insured. This will ensure that if anything were to happen, the company’s insurance would have to cover it instead of you having to shoulder everything.


Servicing trees is an integral part of every home’s maintenance. Although it sounds easy enough, you might want to leave this task to the experts. Tree service companies in North Bay have the expertise and equipment to make every job as safe and efficient as possible. Make sure you do your research before hiring a tree servicing company, and always double-check that they’re insured to avoid any problem.

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