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Welcome to your 5iphon reloaded guide. I have created this page specifically for those of you who take action through my link. You will want to check back from time to see any new updates.
Tour The Members Area
5iphon Reloaded Members Area
5iphon Reloaded has created a great members area. It walks you through everything you need to know to get your funnel up and running. (This includes traffic resources)
Build Your List
Build Your List
The key to building your list, using 5iphon Reloaded, is sharing your link frequently. You want to extend the opportunity to as many people as you can.
Keep in mind:
-Your first five leads will go to your referrer
-10% of your leads will go to your referrer
-You will get the first five leads of those opt-in through your link
-You will get 10% of the leads that come through link
The Viral Power
The Viral Power
The power in this system is the more you share your link, the more people you have working to build their list (and yours). Keep in mind you must work at it. You can’t expect all of your leads to come through the efforts of others. Instead, you should be using the efforts of others to multiply your efforts.
Earn More Income
Earn At Every Level
The earning potential is on both your list and through those who chose to upgrade. It is really about deciding how you want to maximize your efforts. You can choose not to upgrade, and depend only on the offers in your follow up, or you can upgrade and use both the offers in your follow up and the offers in the 5iphon funnel.
5iphon Upgrades
Upgrade Details
Pro Upgrade:
  • Receive a special DFY viral funnel (hosting included) featuring PROVEN viral technology that "forwards" unlimited leads - and commissions on AUTOPILOT.
  • You can earn both through your list, and those who you directly refer
Pro Upgrade -Overdrive:
  • Multiply the income power of your 5iphon Funnels/commissions DEEP into your referral base.
  • Will unlock your "Infinity Funnel" /stack your 5iphonR funnels with UNLIMITED affiliate offers!
  • You can earn through your list, and through both your direct referrals, and those you indirectly referrer (And you can add more than 2 offers to the funnel)
Pro Upgrade 10X:
  • Receive a package of TEN additional 5iphon Reloaded websites
  • You can attach different offers to each of these websites
Pro Upgrade -10k Club:
  • Gain the ability to add an INSTANT high ticket backend, in the form of auto-webinars
Pro Upgrade -Traffic Co-Op:
  • You can earn leads on auto pilot
Your Upgrade Bonuses
Your Upgrade Bonus
Depending on the product that you purchase, you will receive a set of $30.00 coupons to use in my DFY Content Store -resellrights.pro.

Pro Upgrade:
3 / $30.00 Coupons / ($90.00 Value)

Pro Upgrade -Overdrive:
6 / $30.00 Coupons / ($180.00 Value)

Pro Upgrade 10x:
10/ $30.00 Coupons / ($300.00 Value)

Pro Upgrade -10k Club
12 / $30.00 Coupons / ($360.00 Value)

Pro Upgrade -Traffic Co-Op
15 / $30.00 Coupons / ($450.00 Value)
12-Minute Affiliate
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