5 Ways to Uplevel Your Mindset Right Now with Amanda Boleyn

Hello, beautiful She Did It Her Way listeners, welcome back to another podcast episode! I’m so excited to dive into today’s podcast with you as we will be talking about five ways to uplevel your mindset right now!


In this episode you willl…

  • Learn about the things you can do to up-level your business
  • Distinguish the difference between doing vs producing
  • Get insight on how I use the 25-minute increment on my tasks
  • Maximize your time efficiently
  • Learn to change how you think and behave according to your business
  • Implement the “Be, Do, Have” principle
  • Discover that failure is just data


“There is no failure there’s the only outcome.”

“Remember that your world is made up of your experiences and the meaning that you give those experiences.”

“Gratitude breeds abundance.”



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