5 Helpful Ways to Keep Your Home Clean from Cat Litter

While finishing your chores around the house, you notice a ghastly aroma coming from the cat litter box. The smell gets overpowering as you draw closer. What is dreadful is that you just cleaned it the other day. A portion of the litter is even on the floor. Mumbling vigorously, you get to work.

Obviously, litter boxes aren’t there for their style, though they can have unique designs and colors. However, it isn’t fun when you need to tidy up. It can be a daunting task to keep both your home and cat litter box clean and smelling fresh.

Since cats are clean creatures, it is imperative to keep the litter box clean. If not, they will search for a substitute area to utilize the restroom. Fortunately, there are five helpful ways to minimize the daily hassle of cleaning cat litter.

1. Purchase a Cat Litter Box with a Disposable Bag

A disposable bag is intended to cover and secure the external lip of the cat litter box. This will help ensure cats don’t just inadvertently pull the bag off. When it is time to clean out the litter box, just lift the bag and tie it. It is just that simple. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of making a mess.

2. Use a Special Vacuum for Cat Litter

It is essential to use the right type of vacuum, when cleaning up cat litter. It should have a bypass flow motor. This will help keep the air and dirt separate. It will likewise keep dust from getting into the filter. Additionally, since it takes quite a bit of power to clean up cat litter, a vacuum with a powerful suction is essential.

Hard granules are often found in cat litter, which can easily damage it. This is why it is important to invest in a good one. More importantly, a motorized brush is especially helpful, if particles are often found in the rugs. A motorized brush makes it easier to clean up cat litter.

3. Deodorizing Products Will Do the Job

It is best to use a natural solution when cleaning cat litter. A natural solution will not only help remove litter in the litter box, but it will also get rid of the smell. Natural solutions neutralize odors and don’t contain toxic chemicals. This is necessary because toxic chemicals can harm cats. Examples of natural solutions that can be used include PureAir Charcoal filter, vinegar, lemon, or baking soda. Always keep in mind that if a deodorizing product isn’t used, cats will refuse to use the bathroom in their litter boxes.

4. Soak the Cat Litter Box in Hot Water

Another great way to clean a litter box is by soaking it in hot water. It should be soaked in hot water on a weekly basis. This will help remove bacteria and keep it sanitized. Also, add a minute amount of dishwashing liquid, to help loosen and remove any dust particles. Using dishwashing liquid will also minimize toxic residue.

5. Scrub and Clean to Remove Cat Litter

In some instances, the litter box or the floor may need more than a simple wash, especially if poop is found. Supplies that will be essential, in this case, will include a cleaning rag, dust mask, and expendable gloves. You should scrub using unscented products, since, again, scented products are toxic to cats. Subsequent to scrubbing and drying, deodorize the litter box with a sprinkle of baking soda. Finally, make certain to wash your hands and arms when done.

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