Encouraging Statistics For Entrepreneurs

To often, we typically here about all of the reasons that entrepreneurs fail. This is a powerful article that sites 39 interesting facts about entrepreneurs.

39 Entrepreneur Statistics You Need to Know in 2020 1 Small businesses and ambitious enterprises are at the heart of every industry. Not only do they immensely contribute to the overall revenue of a country, but they also have a beneficial effect on the workers themselves. Employees who decide […]

Employees who decide to make the switch and become independent employers feel more fulfilled and motivated to work. There are a lot of inspirational entrepreneur statistics out there that show us the US is still the best place in the world to become your own boss and start something new.

Studies have also shown that this is not a young man’s game, despite what the public believes. Successful businesses are usually started by middle-aged men and women who have experience and want to apply it in their field.

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39 Entrepreneur Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

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