3 Things to Do in China for the Lovers of the Arts and Culture

It is through arts and culture that you gain a deeper understanding into what a country is all about. Visiting cultural tourist hotspots is a good strategy to learn about people.

If you ever find yourself in China, you should find several cultural sites that you can visit and enjoy at a leisurely pace. So long as you are willing to explore, you will find lots of cultural and artistic attractions in China. But don’t forget to get your China visa first.

Here are 3 things that you can do while in China to indulge your love for the arts and culture:

1. National Art Museum of China

The National Art Museum of China is one of the largest Chinese art museums. It receives Chinese government funding through the Ministry of Culture. The museum was built between 1958 and 1962 and is located in Beijing.

If you visit the museum, you will be able to enjoy all manner of artworks. The place contains both modern and ancient Chinese artworks. It also includes Western art. These are displayed in 21 exhibition halls. So, if you intend to see as many as possible, you need to carve out a day to enjoy it all.

Thanks to government funding, entrance to the National Art Museum of China is free. All you need is a passport or ID. So, this is one of those cultural sites that should be in your itinerary if you are touring China on a budget.

2. The Beijing Tianqiao Theater

If your trip to China is limited to Beijing, then you should try and book a visit to the Beijing Tianqiao Theater. It was first started in 1953 but was only completed in 2001.

The Beijing Tianqiao Theater was constructed to world-class standards to enable musical theater performers to have the best stage to present their shows. The theater holds everything from contemporary dance to folk. It even holds cross-talk shows.

But one reason why the theater is worth visiting is that it is the only venue for opera and ballet professional performances in Beijing. The National Ballet of China (NBC) works from this theater. Its multi-functional stage, lighting, and audio systems have been specially made to provide the audience with a memorable performance.

And the great thing about this theater is that it provides performances that you can enjoy alone or as part of a group. It’s all up to you.

3. Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

China is renowned for its traditional medicine. Therefore, a visit to the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine is in order. This museum is located in Beijing. And it is the only state-level Chinese medicine museum in the entire country.

English tours are offered several times a day. During the tour, you will get to see how traditional dispensaries used to look like and enjoy the architecture while you are at it. That’s because it is located in the restored ancient complex of Hu Qing Yu Tang, which traces its origins as far back as 1874. During its heydays, it was regarded as the “King of Medicine” in the southern China region.

The exhibition halls contain plenty of tools as well as plants, herbs, and animal samples that are in use in traditional Chinese medicine. The tour will help you understand some of the histories behind the things on display.

You can also watch how the doctors prepare some of the medicines which include flowers, minerals, and herbs among other things. The staff may even allow you to try and prepare some of the medicines yourself.

There is even a Chinese Health Care Clinic where you can receive health care from experienced Chinese medicine doctors. The restaurant section of the museum caters to medicinal diets. And if you want to try out some of the treatments, the sales department will sell them to you. These could be in the form of powders, pills, ointments, etc.

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