23 Work at Home Medical Jobs To Apply For Today

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It used to be the case that those in the various medical professions were limited to strictly on-site job options, but that’s rapidly changing. As high speed internet connections become more prevalent, video conferencing, which used to require bleeding edge web-building chops, is now a relatively commonplace technology that’s fairly easy to deploy on a modern, streamlined website.

Consequently, there’s been a rise in the popularity of telehealth, which has greatly expanded the work options for those with medical expertise.

There are many companies that offer work from home positions in the medical field. You can do everything from medical coding jobs, to billing, telephone triage, and case management.

Obviously, the medical industry is complex, and you’ll find that most of the jobs out there have fairly stringent education and experience requirements.

But if you already have a background in something like nursing, and you want to work remotely, there are a good number of interesting opportunities to pick from, especially compared to what you would’ve found a few years back.

Medical Coding

In the medical industry, there is a shorthand coding system used to describe various procedures and diagnoses. A coder is responsible for taking medical records and transforming them into code using a specific set of technical guidelines, mostly for the purpose of easier data-management.

If you’re looking to get training in medical billing/coding, CareerStep is one of the most reputable schools offering certification.

  • Conifer Health Solutions – Hires experienced medical coders to work from home. Search “telecommuting” in the job search box to find the remote positions.
  • iMedx – Three years experience required.
  • Aviacode – Three years experience required as well as certification.
  • The Coding Network – Three years experience required as well as certification.
  • LexiCode – Hires people with certification along with at least two years experience.
  • Maxim Health Information – Will hire coders to work from home that have three years experience as well as certification.

Telephone Triage

This is a remote medical diagnostic job where you take calls from people who have health concerns and help them determine the most likely causes based on their symptoms. In most cases, you’ll then give them advice on the next step to take for their medical care needs.

  • Anthem – Occasionally hiring experienced RN’s to do telephone triage from home. Search “work from home” in the keyword box to see if they have any work from home positions open.
  • BroadPath Health Solutions – Offer quite a few positions in the medical field, many of them work from home, including virtual care jobs. Salaries vary quite a bit, depending on the specific role.
  • Carenet – Hires registered nurses to work from home as “care advisors.”
  • FoneMed – If you are registered nurse, you can work remotely from home doing telephone triage for patients at FoneMed. This is an employee position offering hourly pay and several benefits.
  • McKesson – They offer several remote medical jobs, including telehealth nursing positions, but the jobs aren’t always available. To check for openings, put “remote” in the job search field. 
  • Nemours – Occasionally hiring for work at home telephone triage.
  • PFL Biotech – Has occasional openings for night nurses to work at home. Must have a minimum 2-year degree in the medical field and active nurse license (or higher medical license). RN or higher preferred. Neurology experience background a plus
  • Triage 4 Pediatrics – Hires home-based telephone triage nurses. Must have a Texas RN license.
  • United Health Group – Sometimes has work from home openings for telephonic health coaches (among other openings). Note that this job is not always open.

Case Management

Most case managers have nursing backgrounds. The job involves coordinating between patients and doctors, as well as helping people determine medical options based on their insurance plans.

  • Aetna – Hires work from home nurse case managers regularly. Search job openings and use “work from home” or “remote” in the keywords box to find the home-based jobs. Even though some of these positions are work from home, you may still have to live in a certain area to be considered.
  • American International Group (AIG) – Hires work from home case managers and medical reviewers. You may be required to work onsite for a bit before being allowed to telecommute.
  • AmerisourceBergen – As of this writing they’re offering a few different case management jobs that are strictly remote, and others with a remote option. They seem to hire in both the US and Canada
  • Cigna – Hires RN’s to do case management from home on occasion. Search “work from home” in the keyword field on the main site.
  • The Hartford – Often has openings for RN’s to do case management from home. Search “remote” in the jobs database to find the home-based work.
  • Healthfirst – Hires nurse case managers to work from home. Company is based out of New York.

Telehealth/Call Center Work

Some of these jobs are a bit like customer service positions. Others involve calling clients for doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies to and gather info from them about their medical history and things of that nature.

  • ARO – Hires for telehealth call center work. Calls are outbound. You must be an LPN or RN to be considered.

Clinical Research

This job involves monitoring and analyzing data from medical trials. A degree in life sciences is generally required for positions in this field, and many jobs are only given to those with a PhD.

  • Covance – Hires people in the US, Canada, and Europe to be home-based clinical research associates. Visit the jobs database and search “home-based” to find the home jobs.

And that wraps up our list! Good luck if you choose to pursue any of the above.

Here's a list of 23 work at home jobs in the medical field.

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23 Work at Home Medical Jobs To Apply For Today

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