21 Top Drop Shipping Wholesalers & Apps to Quickly Scale your eCommerce Store

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Deciding on drop shipping wholesalers to work with has always been a challenge for online sellers. This is simply because a wholesaler can make or break your business. With the right wholesale supplier, you are almost guaranteed a huge selection of unsaturated and great quality products, low prices, and fast, reliable shipping. This is the hallmark of a successful drop shipping business.

There Are Alternatives to Dropshipping From China

Traditionally, individuals who are looking to start an e-commerce drop shipping business look to China for products. China guarantees low prices, and you can definitely find good quality products. But shipping is a challenge for most people. Many find that the shipping is either too costly, or you have to wait weeks and sometimes months (especially since the pandemic) before their products reach the customers.

Needless to say, challenges such as shipping discourage online store owners while at the same instance scare away potential customers.

Also, market places such as Aliexpress no longer offer the best prices, as this platform has come to harbor too many middle-men, blocking access to actual wholesalers and the deals one can get if they dealt directly with them. Alibaba has maintained its credibility in this area. Still, they are not immune to the challenges that come with shipping products globally.

Shipping and prices are the biggest but not the only challenges faced by drop shippers. Sellers are always looking for reliable suppliers, access to a large number of quality products, fulfillment and customer service, price automation, advertising and promotion assistance, and so on.

Knowing the top drop shipping wholesalers will give you the tools you need to compete in this fast-growing industry. Drop shipping done correctly quickly becomes a great source of passive income.

Irrespective of what might be necessary to you, the following list of drop shipping wholesalers offer a large selection of suppliers and products across many niches and so many more features to help both new and existing sellers rise to the top of their game.

The Top Drop Shipping Wholesalers and Drop Shipping Apps

The following drop shipping wholesalers platforms are listed in alphabetical order

If you don’t have a dropshipping store yet, click here to see how you can get started today.

Below are all the drop shipping wholesale stores you ever need to know to be successful with selling online

1) Alibaba

Website: https://Alibaba.com

Integrates with: Most platforms. Most vendors order directly from a selected supplier.

Shipping from: Mainly China

Cost of using platform: $0

Positives: branding, low prices, huge selection, build relationships with vendors

Negatives: New sellers may get overwhelmed with merchants and selections, shipping costs, and shipping speed.

Alibaba is considered the king of all drop shipping sites. They have almost anything you can think of, and most products are less expensive than you would find at Aliexpress and other wholesale platforms. To get the best prices, you may have to bulk-buy items. It is easier to deal directly with the drop shipping wholesalers here, plus you can build relationships with vendors to get better deals and services.

Most drop shippers use Alibaba because of low product prices, but more importantly, because they can create a personal brand for you. Personal branding makes it possible for you to sell on highly regulated platforms like Amazon. You can also beat the competition because you can get lower prices than you can get from other wholesale platforms, plus easy access to many experienced merchants who are ready to work with you. What’s more, Alibaba is free to use. Visit Alibaba.com to learn more.

2) Aliexpress

Website: https://Aliexpress.com

Integrates with: Most platforms including Shopify’s popular wholesaler integration app, Oberlo

Shipping from: Global, mainly from China

Cost of using platform: $0

Positives: Huge variety of products to choose from,

Negatives: Shipping speed happens to be a challenge for many sellers. This can be avoided by using some of the wholesaler apps described in this post.

Aliexpress is the most popular platform for dropshippers. Most people think that all Aliexpress products come from China only. But they come from other countries such as Poland, Australia, Canada and so on, you can select the country you want to buy from when available.

Aliexpress offers a huge selection of products in every niche imaginable, and of different levels of quality. Sellers lay a huge emphasis on reviews (especially picture reviews) as well as the length of time merchants have been in business and the number of orders sold. Visit Aliexpress.com to learn more.

3) Amazone Dropshipper + Walmart

Website: https://apps.shopify.com/amazone-dropshipper

Integrates with: Shopify App

Shipping from:  Amazon US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and India, plus Walmart US

Cost of using platform:  Freemium Plan (0$), Pro Plan ($4.99), Gold Plan ($9.99) and Ultimate Plan ($25.99)

Positives: Ship products you get from Amazon Prime in 3-days, fast shipping on products from Walmart. Huge selection of products from both Amazon and Walmart.

Negatives: The app is available only through Shopify, and you are still expected to adhere to Amazon’s policies on dropshipping.

Amazone dropshipper + Walmart is a fast-growing drop shipping wholesalers app, available through Shopify.com, which allows you to add products from Amazon Prime and Walmart US in the specific countries listed above to your Shopify store. While affording a great selection of products and great prices, this app also allows you to offer the same great shipping that buyers will normally get from Amazon Prime and Walmart to your customers. Learn more about Amazone dropshipping wholesalers here.

4) CJDropShipping

Website: https://cjdropshipping.com

Integrates with: Shopify, Ebay, WooCommerce, Lazada, Shopee, Shipstation, Amazon

Shipping from: China, USA, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia

Cost of using platform: $0

Positives: Huge selection of items, low prices and fast delivery (typically within 9 – 5 days.

Negatives: No free shipping options and the fastest shipping is 9 – 5 days while competitors have faster shipping. This is still better than Aliexpress which currently may offer up to 30 – 50 days shipping on most products.

CJDropshipping is one of the most popular drop shipping wholesalers and preferred by most sellers as it competes with Aliexpress in product selection and prices. The great thing about this portal is that you can use it with multiple store platforms. Also, once you integrate this platform with your online store and list products, CJdropshipping will fulfill your sales. You don’t have to do anything more as the app synchronizes with your store activities automatically. Visit CJDropshipping to learn more.

5) Drop Commerce

Website: https://app.dropcommerce.com/

Integrates with: Shopify

Shipping from: USA, Canada

Cost of using platform: Free 7-day trial. Plans start at $12/mo, and go up to $399/mo (see pricing image below)

Positives: Brand name products

DropCommerce is another seller favorite. This works for sellers searching for drop shipping wholesalers that offer brand name products. This platform supports its sellers with high-quality suppliers, branded invoicing, fast shipping from the US and Canada, no transaction fees, and unlimited effects. The down-side to this platform is that you can only use it with one platform. Visit DropCommerce to learn more.

6) Dropified

Website: https://dropified.com

Integrates with: Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ, BigCommerce, and GrooveKart

Shipping from: Worldwide – US

Cost of using platform: Free 14-day free trial. Builder – $47/mo, Premier $127/mo

Positives: Integrates with multiple store platforms

Dropified saves you time as you can upload products from Aliexpress or eBay with one click. This vast platform aims to make all the functions sellers have to perform easier than when they go it alone. The top features include a 1-click add to the store, auto-updates on price and product availability. Sellers can also import product reviews and use filtering to identify US product sellers. This feature has a direct impact on shipping speed and costs. Visit Dropified to learn more.

7) DropnShop

Website: https://app.dropnshop.io

Integrates with: Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Wix

Shipping from: France

Cost of using platform: A 14-day free trial is available with the following plans: Family – $14/mo, Family business – $29/mo, Family Owner – $249/mo

Positives: Products in the inventory are made in France, which offers a unique perspective to the market for sellers looking to try something different.

Dropnshop is a drop shipping wholesaler app that is available through Shopify. This app offers high-quality wholesale products from France, which benefits your shoppers as they are not just introduced to unique products. Still, shipping is a lot faster than if your store depended on drop shipping wholesalers from China. Visit Dropnshop to learn more.

8) DripShipper

Website: https://apps.shopify.com/dripshipper

Integrates with: Shopify

Shipping from: United States

Cost of using platform: $30/month – Starter Package, $99/month – Professional, $197/month – Elite

Positives: Ships globally, quick processing and shipping, Dripshipper takes care of fulfillment of orders, branded.

Dripshipper is a US-based drop shipping wholesaler app, available through Shopify, which allows the seller to offer high-quality coffee beans or ground coffee to their customers; personalized with your logo. If you are looking to create a branded online coffee shop, this is the wholesaler for you. Visit Dripshipper to learn more.

9) DSers – Aliexpress Dropshipping

Website: https://apps.shopify.com/dsers

Integrates with: Aliexpress, Shopify

Shipping from: Global

Cost of using platform: Free – Basic Plan, $1.99/mo – Standard Plan, 19.90/mo – Advanced Plan, and 49.90/mo – Pro Plan

Positives: Offers access to special suppliers to speed up shipping, improve pricing and quality of products. Place orders faster and 10 days delivery.

Negatives: Some (but very few) customers complain about having problems with the app. DSers, however, does have an approval rating of 4.9 stars out of 1806 reviews.

In a perfect world, DSers – Aliexpress Dropshipping would be the answer to all sellers’ prayers. This drop shipping wholesaler app helps sellers automate their orders from Aliexpress. You can order large orders with one click and access special suppliers to improve pricing and product quality. Plus, this app promises 10 days delivery on most products. How cool is this. Remember that most sellers avoid using Aliexpress because of slow delivery, sometimes reaching up to months before your customers receive their products. Visit DSers to learn more.

10) Eprolo

Website: https://eprolo.com

Integrates with: WooCommerce, Shopify, and eBay Stores

Shipping from: Global, including USA, UK, Australia, Japan, EU Countries, and Asia

Cost of using platform: Free

Positives: One of the few free platforms available. Eprolo also offers assistance with finding products to sell, and fast shipping,

Eprolo promises a forever free dropshipping website. With over 100K users, 30 Million orders, and 300K products, this platform has a lot to brag about. Why Eprolo is top on our list of drop shipping wholesalers is because of the value it affords sellers. The principal services include sourcing high-quality products, inventory management, quality control, speedy shipping, and print on demand. Visit Eprolo to learn more.

11) Importify

Website: https://importify.com

Integrates with: Shopify, WooCommerce, and Jumpseller

Shipping from: Global

Cost of using platform: $14.95/mo – Basic Plan, $27.95/mo – Premium Plan, 37.95/mo – Gold Plan.

Positives: Sourcing, one-click product imports, automated orders, access to the major marketplaces.

Importify is an app that allows you to import from top drop shipping wholesalers such as Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Banggood, Dhgate, Gearbest, Taobao, and so on. Importify operates like Oberlo, Shopify’s popular app for integrating with Aliexpress. The difference is that this app helps widen your reach since it works with so many other platforms. Oberlo also offers support by providing information to help users create successful shops. Visit Importify to learn more.

12) Modalyst

Website: https://modalyst.com

Integrates with: Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix and eBay

Shipping from: Global

Cost of using platform: $0 – Hobby Plan, $35 – Start-Up Plan, and $90 – Pro Plan

Positives: Product automation, pricing automation, analytics, and standardized contracts for dealing with merchants are the main perks.

Whatever niche you choose for your eCommerce store, Modalyst makes it easy to find US-based as well as Aliexpress merchants to work with. The strongest argument Modalyst makes is that it offers customers both product and price automation. You can easily search for and identify products for your eCommerce store over multiple drop shipping platforms. Importing these products, descriptions, prices and other information typically requires one click. View Modalyst here to learn more.

13) Shopmaster

Website: https://shopmaster.com

Integrates with: 3d Cart, eBay, Shopify, Wish and WooCommerce

Shipping from: Global

Cost of using platform: Forever Free Plan, $19.90 / month

Positives: There are so many features (over 100) all of which support automation, quality, prices, and supplier availability. It is impossible to list all these qualities here.

dropship with shopmaster

Shopmaster gives you access to over 20+ drop shipping wholesalers including Aliexpress, ChinaBrands, Banggood, CJ Dropshipping, GogoMall, Alibaba, Walmart and eBay.

With this platform, you can manage your stores in various platforms from one app, bulk order products from different stores, bulk import products from merchants’ sites to your eCommerce store, and so much more. This drop shipping wholesalers app comes with over 100 features. My favorite feature is the hot dropshipping products database, where you can find the top products selling on Aliexpress. Visit Shopmaster here.

14) Shopoo

Website: https://shopoo.co

Integrates with: Shopify

Shipping from: US

Cost of using platform: Build Plan – $49.95/mo, Grow Plan – $290/yr, Scale Plan – $990 (lifetime)

Positives: Also sells pre-built stores, stacked with hot products and which are ready for you to promote.

Shopoo is currently available through the Shopify store. To sign-up, you have to open up a shop with Shopify and download the app. Once you are signed up, you will be able to list an unlimited number of products to your shop. When your customer purchases the product, the order goes directly to Shopoo, who in turn fulfills the order.

Unlike most other drop shipping wholesalers apps, Shopoo offers pre-built stores that come optimized for conversions and stacked with hot products. What’s more, these stores come with a premium advertising package to help you market your new store. Visit Shopoo here.

15) Spocket

Website: https://spocket.co

Integrates with: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, AliScrapper, Wix, Felex, Ecwid and Squarespace

Shipping from: US/EU

Cost of using platform: Free Plan – $0/mo, Starter Plan – $24/mo, Pro Plan – $49/mo, Empire Plan – $99/mo

Positives: Spocket connects you with vendors from US and the EU, which means that your shipping time for customers should be much faster.

Spocket is a drop shipping wholesalers platform that takes pride in offering high quality items shipped from the US and EU.

You can also use the Spocket chrome extension to add products to your shop from Aliexpress. Signing up for Spocket is free and only takes a few minutes. However, you can’t do much with the free plan since it allows you only to browse products. Visit Spocket to learn more.

16) Spreadr

Website: https://spreadr.co

Integrates with: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce

Shipping from: Amazon Prime

Cost of using platform:

PLUGIN: $Basic Plan – $6/mo, Pro Plan – $12/mo, Gold Plan – $20/mo, Super Plan $35/mo, Jumbo Plan – $60/mo

SHOPIFY: Free Plan, Basic Plan – $5/mo, Pro Plan – $10/mo

Spreadr is an app/plugin that helps eCommerce store owners partner with Amazon to sell products in almost every niche. You can integrate your store using Spreadr app through Shopify or a plugin on WooCommerce or BigCommerce. You can easily import products to your store and make income through dropshipping or as an affiliate. Visit Spreadr to learn more.

17) Syncee

Website: https://syncee.co

Integrates with: Shopify, Jumpseller, Shoprenter, Ecwid, Shopifyplus, BigCommerce, SquareSpace, Wix, WooCommerce

Shipping from: Global

Cost of using platform: Starter Plan – $0/mo, Basic Plan – $29/mo, Pro Plan – $79/mo, Business Plan – $129/mo

Positives: Access to quality suppliers and allows you to bring your own supplier along.

This drop shipping wholesalers app lays a considerable emphasis on retailer relations. And why not. Having a great supplier is the foundation of a robust eCommerce store. Like most other eCommerce apps on this post, Syncee offers free automation, product updates, and fulfillment by the vendor. The free plan allows you to try out this service for up to 25 products. Visit Syncee to learn more here.

18) Wholesale2b Dropshipping

Website: https://www.wholesale2b.com

Integrates with: Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Weebly, Ecwid, you can also sell on Bonanza, GoDaddy, eBay, Amazon, and Google

Shipping from: Global

Cost of using platform: Use with eBay and Amazon – $37.99, or use with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Weebly, Bonanza, Ecwid, GoDaddy – $29.99 other services are available

Positives: Access to millions of products, no need to sign up with suppliers, offers website building service

Founded in 2004, Wholesale2b has been around for a while, which implies stability. This company has a lot to offer and integrates with most seller platforms, including individual websites, to help you succeed with your eCommerce store. A leading drop shipping wholesalers app, Wholesale2b offers product and order automation, access to over 1 million products, analytics, fulfillment, and so much more. Visit Wholesale2b to learn more.

In conclusion

Drop shipping is a great business model, especially for those individuals who are new to eCommerce. But the benefits offered by this business model, which include having no products in inventory, and much-reduced business involvement on the part of the store owner than would be expected if you owned a physical store, is further enhanced by the availability of drop shipping wholesalers and apps. Hopefully, this list will help you find the right suppliers and support to help you run your eCommerce store more efficiently!

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