16 Best Video Editor Websites to Edit & Create Free Videos Online

Making videos with Wideo up to 30 sec is free and more than 30 sec it comes with a reasonable pricing. Wideo is all about empowering people to create professional online videos in order to elevate their online marketing strategy faster and easier.

With Wideo you can achieve high-quality animation within minutes and without headaches–whether you’re an educator, animator, in-house marketer at a small business, member of a creative team at an agency, or just have a story to tell through visual content.

No video editing experience, no problem.

Visit their Website: http://get.wideo.co/en/

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5. Magisto

Magisto Video Editor automatically turns your photos and video clips into magical music videos that you’ll want to share with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Magisto Video Maker has over 70 million happy users worldwide and was featured in Google Play Editors’ Choice, Google’s list of Best Android Apps of 2015 and CES best app of the year!

Express your creativity – make a movie and tell your story by working with Magisto’s free movie editor. You don’t need to be an expert photo or video editor, Magisto’s magic will create a professional looking music video from as little as a few photos or a video clip. It’s that easy!

Magisto Movie maker has been featured on CNN, NBC Sports, Rolling Stone Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TechCrunch, Mashable, Wired, VentureBeat, CNET and Forbes.

Visit their Website: https://www.magisto.com

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6. Biteable

You can make videos for free, but they all will be biteable watermarked. You can make HD non-watermarked videos for only $99 USD a year.

They use Stripe for payments and do not store any of your credit card information. You can edit all text and colors and see the color tab, color changes effects in your video scenes.

You can also easily add your own image and start editing. Images should be in PNG’s, JPEG or GIF’s format and less than 3 MB.

You can also easily change the music and set up one which you like from the available set of tracks. You can also upload your own music.

Visit their Website: https://biteable.com

7. Fotofriend

Photofriend comes with the following features:

  • Create photo prints and products from your Facebook and digital photos: Fotofriend – Explore Products here:  www.fotofriend.com/explore-products
  • Take photos with your webcam and over 3000 effects: www.fotofriend.com/webcam-effects
  • Edit Facebook and digital photos: www.fotofriend.com/photo-effects
  • Record video online with effects: www.fotofriend.com/record-video
  • Create webcam collages: www.fotofriend.com/photo-collage
  • Sketch online: www.fotofriend.com/doodle.

Visit their Website: http://www.fotofriend.com

8. PowToon

PowToon lets you create awesome presentations and animated videos. Deliver Awesome Presentations, Create Amazing Animated VideosPowToon is an easy to use web application that allows you to wow your audience.

Use PowToon to create:

– Sales presentations

– Landing Page Videos

– Educational Videos

– Product Demos

– Explainers

Visit their Website: https://www.powtoon.com

9. Gifmaker

Website: http://gifmaker.me

This short video maker allows you to create funny videos online from your photos with ease.

Optionally, you can upload one music file in MP3 format along with your photos, this music will be used as the background music of your slideshow, you can set your slideshow to loop several times until the music ends.

Please notice that if you’ve uploaded a mp3 file, your mp3 and mp4 files will be deleted automatically after 30 minutes, and only yourself can play or download your videos.

This animation maker works on Windows, Mac and Linux, the only thing you need is a Web browser with flash player installed.

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List of few more websites and mobile apps to make and edit videos online:

10. Animoto

11. Kizoa

12. Loopster –  Free Online Video Editor and Video Editing Software.

13. Youtube Video Editor

14. Movie Maker Online – Movie maker online free video editor.

15. Photo Photopeach – Make, edit, Embed, and Share Slideshows.

16. One True Media

Useful sites for Video making and Video based marketing:

➤ CrispVideo – Award Winning Video Production and Video marketing Experts.

➤ Muvee – Video Editing Software for Drones, Action Cams & 360 Video.

➤ MotionBox–  As the name suggests this website offers something very unique and interesting for making moving videos.They offer great video footage database by using which you can create video films for various purposes, like  automobile trade fairs, auto product presentations and more.

Their moving image database offers great video footages. You can make motion videos without actually doing any real shooting. Be a director and edit and create a motion video the way you like it to be.

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