10 Things to Declutter Before the New Year

What is up my friends! Are you guys ready? I mean are you ready for the next decade and for 2020? The past few weeks I’ve been doing one of my favorite things ever and that is to declutter and streamline. From software systems, we use daily to canceling programs that we don’t use or have too many users accounts for, deleting emails that have been sitting in my inbox and have gone stale to deleting and reorganizing files in my GoogleDrive to Asana dashboard and our products and services that are offered. Today on the podcast I want to share with you a number of things that I’ve decluttered and you can too to get ready for 2020.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn why it’s imported to declutter
  • Simple steps to declutter
  • How to organize the systems that you use
  • Why you should delete irrelevant emails
  • Insights on monthly investments
  • Tips to help your personal stuff organize

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