10 Companies with Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

companies that hire remote workers

It is always challenging to find legitimate work from home jobs for individuals who wish to work remotely. This is mainly because the internet is riddled with scammy websites and some unethical employment recruiters who post fake job opportunities. However, these jobs exist, and employers are desperate to fill them with individuals who prefer to work from home. In this post, we will circumvent meaningless job posts as I show you precisely where to look for real jobs online and which employers are looking to hire you.

If you are looking to work remotely, then you’re in for a treat. Below are 10 Companies that hire remote workers to help you get started with working from home jobs.

Where are we Headed with Remote Jobs?

Today, organizations realize that a lot can be accomplished when they provide work from home jobs to their employees without sacrificing productivity. What’s more, employers do not have to pay huge fees for real-estate and other costs associated with having in-house employees when their employees work from home.

As a result, CEOs of large organizations are beginning to rethink the wisdom of having in-house employees.


In an interview with Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley’s CEO, James Gorman, says the Bank will be operating with “much less real estate” in the future. According to Gorman, the bank has proven that it can “operate with effectively no footprint.”

This is definitely good news for moms and others who are looking to work from home!

Morgan Stanley is not the only company that has taken this stance. Many other organizations have either made the decision to keep a good number of the employees as remote workers, others have plans to extend the ability of their employees to work from home. Some notable organizations that offer work from home jobs include Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Companies that Hire Remote Workers Have Existed for Quite Some Time…

Some industries have always preferred remote workers for certain positions. Organizations are consistently advertising for full-time, part-time, and contract workers in technology, customer service, digital management, content management, and healthcare fields, to name a few. And more career fields are joining this list every day.

If you follow this blog by any chance, you will know that my best recommendation for working from home is to create your own business. I show you how to get started on multiple business models with my work from home series. This is a free resource that introduces you to online business models that work. The series also offers a step-by-step guide for each model. Check it out here.

I do recognize that starting a business online may not be for everyone. Some people do not want to deal with the responsibilities that come with becoming an entrepreneur. They would rather get a paycheck at the end of each week for work they have completed. Such individuals prefer work from home jobs. Which is the reason for this post.

With that said, let’s dig in!

work from home jobs

Below are 10 Companies with Legitimate Work From Home Jobs


Typical remote positions: Amazon hires remote workers in most departments, including healthcare, marketing, and sales.

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment: Full-time / Part-time

Pay: Salaried

Amazon is a leader in many things. It is not surprising to see them as one of the top companies that hire remote workers as they have completely embraced this employment model and all it offers to both the organization and the individual.

Many of Amazon’s work from home jobs seek information technology experts in security and software management. But you can also find process management positions such as delivery management and other positions.

Check out remote jobs you may qualify for on Amazon.com below.


Typical remote positions: Facebook hires remote workers in various departments including technology, design, research, and marketing. They also list a large number of research internships.

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment: Full-time / Part-time

Pay: Salaried

Facebook’s mantra, “Remote – not disconnected” sets the stage for this world leader’s culture towards work from homers.

Facebook’s focus on leveling the playing ground between the remote workers and on-site workers is a definite plus. The goal here is to allow remote workers the opportunity to make an equal impact irrespective of their location.

Click below to see all the jobs on Facebook Careers.

3) CVS Pharmacy

Typical remote positions: CVS Pharmacy hires work-at-home customer service representatives, member advocates, licensed social workers, registered nurses, medical collections, and technology positions.

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment: full-time, part-time

Pay: Salaried

CVS Pharmacy, a leading nationwide pharmacy chain, seems to have completely bought into the work from home model as it employs remote workers nationwide. Work from home jobs from CVS includes both high skilled and entry-level positions. You can find jobs requiring a license, such as registered nurse jobs, as well as technology and customer service positions.

Click the button below to see remote job postings from CVS Pharmacy


Job Title or Type: Tax Experts

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment:

Pay: Hourly (plus overtime during peak season)

Intuit is a tax preparation organization that uses remote tax experts to meet the needs of their clients. Intuit hires tax experts. If you have three years of experience using tax software in a paid position, you may want to apply. Intuit hires both credentialed, and non credentialed experts based upon their specifications.

You can learn more about Intuit’s virtual tax expert opportunity by clicking the button below.


Job Title or Type: Varies

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment: Full-time / Part-time

Pay: Salaried

USAA is an organization that serves the military community. Their services include banking, auto insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, and rewards credit card. They too have embraced the work from home jobs model, and offer multiple remote job opportunities, as well as onsite positions with the option of working from home.

You can view job opportunities with USAA below.



Job Title or Type: Remote positions with Dell include internships, technology, legal, customer service, and others.

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment: Full-time / Part-time

Pay: Salaried (full-time and part-time)

Dell has almost 2000 job positions available for remote workers. The positions vary from technology positions to legal and customer service. Expect entry-level and internships as well as expert-level and managerial positions with this Global technology leader.

Check out remote jobs from Dell below.


Job Title or Type: Online Tutors

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment: Contract

Pay: Up to 40K / Year

Teaching online is a great way to earn from home. Many teachers, university professors, and even high school students adopt this work from home jobs opportunity as a side hustle.

Varsity tutors offer options for you to work with them as a contractor. Your earnings will depend on how much work you do.

Learn more about tutoring opportunities with Varsity Tutors below.

If you want to learn how to become a freelance tutor and work from home, see my free guide, How to become a tutor online, to help you get started.


Job Title or Type: Humana hires a good variety of remote personnel including, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, customer care advocates, sales representatives, technology personnel, data scientist, telephonic nurses.

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment: Full-time / Part-time

Pay: Salaried

Humana is a leading healthcare organization known for its insurance products and its health and wellness services. They are also one of the many healthcare companies that have pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working from home. Other companies that hire remote healthcare personnel include Pill pack by Amazon, Premera Blue Cross, HCA affiliated hospitals, Soliant, and many more.

Humana’s database of nearly 400 work from home jobs (at the time this post was written), shows that this employment model works for them. This is definitely good news for you and others who wish to work legitimate jobs from home.

Check out Humana’s career database for more remote jobs below.


Job Title or Type: Various positions including nurse practitioners, health coaches, UX writer, communications, software design and more.

They hire individuals in clinical engagement, marketing, engineering, design, partnerships, sales, operations and so on.

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment: Full-time / Part-time / Contract

Pay: Salaried

Hinge Health brags about being the “World’s First Digital Clinic for Back and Joint Pain.” With the use of virtual coaches, practitioners, and technologies, Hinge health is able to deliver care to its patients. They also take this innovative approach to their employment policies.

Hinge Health hires professionals who work from home. They fully support these employees with benefits and a full-time work arrangement. While their team is small, they are invested in the growth of their employees.

Check out remote the remote jobs you may qualify for on Health Hinge below.

10) VOX Media

Job Title or Type: Blog management related jobs such as site manager, editor positions, promotion and writer positions

Location: 100% Remote

Type of employment: Full-time

Pay: Salaried

Some people want to own their own blogs, and some would rather work for established blogs. Vox Media brags of a portfolio of leading blogs such as The Verge, Vox, The Cut, Eater, Vulture, The Strategist, New York Magazine, Polygon, SB Nation, Intelligencer, Curbed, Grub Street. They are consistently searching for remote workers to manage, write for, and promote these leading blogs.

Vox media’s positions are full-time, with great benefits.

Here are a list of remote jobs you may qualify for with Vox Media


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Let’s Sum it Up!

Remote jobs are not just in; they are here to stay. This means that you have multiple choices for earning an income from home. I hope that this post will give you the right exposure to work from home jobs if that is what you seek.

If you need a little more than a paycheck, consider becoming your own boss. Here are 10 small business online ideas to get you started.


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10 Companies with Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

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